. . . its roots are biblical, its benefits are amazing, its effects are . . .
. . . well, you know, there's nothing a glass of red wine can't fix . . .

Allure Meritage

Intense crimson color; subtle bouquet notes of fig, blackberry, raspberry, and hints of violet. Blessed with superb balance, an incredible combination of richness and delicacy, freshness and concentration.

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Amour image

Amour Merlot

The world's finest Merlot is the revered Pétrus Merlot Clone 181 from Pomerol which we also planted right here in our Home Ranch Vineyards, bottled as the single-vineyard Amour Merlot, also used in our Bordeaux-style blends.

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Amuse Mélange

The initial bold color and nose introduces rich fruit in the mouth focused on red and black plum, earth and cocoa notes that show through finishing on a tighter note - a reminder that this is a concentrated wine with a bright future.

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Arouse image

Arouse Mélange

Arousing a gentle monster; aroma of dark, ripe plum with powerful red fruit in the mouth and delicate touches of licorice and fennel. Silky ultra-soft tannin throughout; not the slightest hint of astringency. A wine to drink and enjoy.

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Cherish Mélange

Cherish the critical balance between the Merlot suppleness, roundness and exceptional length and the Cabernet Franc which cherishes the nose with ripe red fruit delivering a wonderful, lasting impression.

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Clarissa Vin Rouge

Dark ruby color, beautiful, heady, complex aroma, dusty Cabernet in the mouth with an incredible, balanced cornucopia of dark flavors, licorice, blackberry, walnut and sultana very alive and totally in control..

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Elate image

Elate Grange Cuvée

Deep purple color showing a complex, weighted, concentrated wine combining intense, ripe plum aromas with smoky, coffee and plum-like fruit. Balanced and opulent showing long term potential.

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Embrace image

Embrace Grenache

Soft, full-bodied and easy-drinking with soft aromas of spun sugar and light earthy hints of sweet kumquat peel In the mouth, a hint of the sweet-sour toffee-apple and nice cranberry fruit with a persuasive, lightly textured finish.

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Enchant image

Enchant Trinity GSM

Enchanting dark garnet; complex aromas of red licorice, blueberry, smoked meat and violets. Great balance and a medium-long finish, exhibiting beautiful freshness, superb maturity, great fragrance, and full-bodied power.

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Entice image

Entice Cuvée

Lively nose; luscious palate, juicy blackberry, currant and date flavors, powerful yet delicate with freshness and fullness on the palate evolving into a full-bodied, food friendly wine in search of a big pepper steak.

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Folly image

Folly Mélange

Rich fruit, blackberries and blueberries; spices, cloves, sandalwood and dried lavender. Beautiful, dense center palate with perfectly polished long finish. Extremely powerful, refined, elegant and complex.

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Harmony image

Harmony SGM

Aromas of red currant, red plum and clove spices. Fragrant violet with a burst of red berry fruits lingering softly on a velvety texture. Three majestic grape varieties together in a true Barossa Valley style.

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Heritage image

Heritage Shiraz

A great Shiraz with a structure and intensity of fresh blueberry and plum fruit with hints of exotic spice, coffee and cocoa, exclusively from the Williamson vineyard consisting of Australian Shiraz and French Hermitage clones.

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Impulse image

Impulse Cabernet Sauvignon

Delicate, complex aroma, just a hint of violets. On the palate, incredible volume, smoothness and length showing notes of ripe dark berries, truffle, tobacco and blackcurrant. A great combination of complexity, density and volume.

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Indulge image

Indulge Cabernet Sauvignon

A substantial Cabernet with cedar, leather and pine on the nose followed by a beautiful palate showing lovely black fruit with touches of brier or bramble. A very pleasant density and texture ending with finely grained tannin.

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Ingénue Cabernet Sauvignon

Intense, deep red; beautiful cedar and herbs de Provence aroma; a rich mouthful of pleasure expanding to hints of vanilla and chocolate; firm and well-rounded structure revealing a long finish of profound aromatic intensity.

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Inspire image

Inspire Cabernet Sauvignon

Crimson-purple; intense blackcurrant and raspberry aroma with spice notes. Supple yet powerful flavors supported by a rich, silky tannin structure that nicely rounds out this impressive wine, inspiring the palate.

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Interlude Mélange

Intensely dark. Pure, refined, precise, ripe fruit. Silky and fresh on the palate with spicy notes and sleek, imposing tannin - wow! Inspired by the wines of Château Latour this is a beautiful wine worthy of its own interlude.

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Intrigue image

Intrigue Mélange

Deep red color. Truly beautiful bouquet, notes of blackberry and blackcurrant along with chocolate and coffee. Smooth, well-structured tannin combining power and elegance with full, luscious body from beginning to end.

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Passion image

Passion Pinot Noir

Light color, inviting bouquet. Subtle brown spice, lush accents of red raspberry, cola, pine cone and dried thyme. Lingering it shows rose petals, violet and spice with poise and grace instead of raw power like an aging Romanée-Conti.

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Perky Petit Verdot

Dark garnet color with a violet and leather on the nose. In the mouth it starts as a massive wine with flavors of plum, lilac, violet and sage yet through the mid-pallet it ends up silky smooth making it a phenomenal wine to sit and sip.

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Rapture image

Rapture Pinot Noir

Instantly personable with hints of dark cherry and vanilla aroma over slightly earthy notes typical of a climat Burgundy. Red fruit flavors of plum and cherry, nice acidity and tannin structure combine to make it opulent in the mouth.

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Ravish image

Ravish Mélange

Aromatically complex classic "French" nose, spice, coffee, cinnamon, chocolate, plums, dark cherries, truffles and fresh flowers - then in the mouth a torrent of dense fresh pleasure and great structure to ravish your senses.

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Scandal image

Scandal Zinfandel

Spice and pepper notes followed by a rich array of ripe blackberries, blueberries and a little black pepper-cinnamon combination. Impressive from the smooth, rich tannin to the dryness and above all the depth and range of flavors.

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Seduce Cabernet Sauvignon

Seductive nose and remarkably balanced on the palate with complex layers of black fruit, cedar, herbs and spice. Just the right intensity and yet still balanced and elegant. Good tannin, soft yet powerful indicating its aging potential.

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Sovereign image

Sovereign Cabernet Sauvignon

Intense structured, blueberry and blackberry with savory notes as the wine opens. The interplay of fruit, structure and acidity is compelling. Closing notes of violet, rose petal and mocha add further nuance. A once-in-a-lifetime wine.

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Stagecoach Cabernet Sauvignon

Elegant perfume and cedar aromas. Concentrated palate, dark berry, cardamom and a hint of tobacco with a long, flavorful finish supported by warm spicy notes. Lingering, powerful yet supple tannin indicating great aging structure.

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Sultry image

Sultry Cabernet Franc

Exotic roasted nut and dark fruit aroma then comes caramel, cranberry, a touch of licorice and spice - intoxicating! Full rich palate with its berry and plum finishing with a light black cherry flavor. A fine wine built on poise, not power.

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Tango image

Tango Malbec

An expanse of blackberry, plum and black cherry while the nuanced flavors offer milk chocolate, cocoa powder, violet flowers, leather with a short, slightly sweet tobacco finish perfect for red meats and spicy foods.

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Tantalize image

Tantalize Mélange

Once a year Bill makes an individual wine that will will tease your taste buds, tormenting them by presenting something desirable and only keeping it available for a short time - every vintage is a different blend - something to tantalize.

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Mary Doyle image

The 1919 Mary Doyle

This wine is “like the power of the earth in a glass!” It tastes of raw power with that good fragrance of the countryside dampened by the season’s first rains. Powerful and sensuous, a perfect legacy for Mary, who would never settle for anything less!

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