Wine is best enjoyed with friends over a meal. Our lunch tastings sample our various levels of wines together with generous lunch portions from our winery kitchen.

Lunch at Yoakim Bridge Estate

What makes a “natural” wine a better choice and how do wines interact with foods and spices. Enjoy a special selection of our Reserve wines over lunch with Sam Williamson while our winery chefs produce delicious lunch dishes paired perfectly with our Reserve wines. ~ $145 per guest.

Jenny's Tip: - Bring an appetite and lots of questions, especially on wine, food, recipes and how to pair them for a perfect experience.


Lunch with the Winemaker at Home Ranch Estate

Enjoy a special selection of Reserve wines over lunch with winemaker Bill Williamson. An over-the-top experience for lovers of fine wines in passing an entertaining and informative few hours in this completely different, delicious wine country experience. ~ $245 per guest.

Jenny's Tip: - Better not to eat or drink much that morning as lunch is mutiple courses created by the winery chefs each paired with Bill’s special Reserve wines.