Reserve Wines Lunch at Yoakim Bridge Estate

Share an exceptional one-of-a-kind wine tasting lunch at the Yoakim Bridge Estate with Sam Williamson.

A leisurely and totally enjoyable lunch paired with some of the legendary Williamson Reserve wines in a casual, wine country family setting.


Enjoy a special selection of Reserve wines over lunch hosted by Sam Williamson, an over-the-top experience designed for lovers and collectors of fine wines.

Jenny's Tip: - Better not to eat or drink much that morning as lunch is multiple courses created by the winery chefs each paired with a selection of our special Reserve wines.


What makes these wines "Reserve" and why are they a better choice? See how these wines perfectly interact with foods and spices.

Experience for yourself how Sam and his chefs use wine to accentuate food and spice flavors and learn about their collection of six-hundred recipes.

Jenny's Tip: - Bring an appetite and lots of questions, especially on wine, food, travel and health.


Time will pass quickly as you take a place at Sam's table for an informative and entertaining few hours in this completely different and delicious wine country experience.

Jenny's Tip: - Be prepared to be spoiled with outstanding wines and a relaxing lunch while engaging with a true wine and food-loving vintner.


These wines are never available through stores or restaurants. Each vintage is virtually fully subscribed by the wine club membership.

No one understands these very special wines as well as the multi-generational wine family who created them and this is your chance to taste them over a leisurely lunch.

Jenny's Tip: - Don't miss this fun and unique experience.