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Shipping Questions

We do not distribute our wines or sell them through brokers, wine shops or restaurants and our limited production of wines places us in the "boutique winery" category.

This allows us to ship wine directly to the consumer in many U.S. states where many other wineries cannot because they have prior commitments with local liquor distributors or are too large to permit shipping direct-to-consumer.
Club shipments have traditionally been designed around holidays to avoid the summer months however recent developments in cool-packaging and refrigerated transport now make summer shipments feasible.

Regular shipments come in February, May, October and December or you can design your own special shipment schedule, e.g., Summer home/Winter home. Shipments may be slightly delayed if there are extreme weather conditions.
As an alternative to shipping, you may elect to pick up your wines at our tasting room at one of our "pickup parties". Since the wines remain in our "wine-friendly" warehouse until collection, if you miss your pick up date the wines may be out of stock by the time you come to collect them. If this is the case we will substitute a different wine of similar variety and price to the original club shipment wine.
For Wine Club shipments you may opt for our “Extreme Climates” option where instead of shipping four times each year we only ship in April and November.

Alternatively, we will ship wine to any UPS Store within the United States where it is legal to do so. You simply register with a UPS store convenient to you and they will receive and hold your wine package in an air conditioned environment for you to collect at your leisure.
If you want wines shipped in summer we will include “cool packs” and ship either via 2-day air or our weekly temperature controlled trucks to ensure your wines arrive safely.
We are able to ship our wines throughout summer and in extreme winter weather. For California, Arizona and Nevada we include ice packs and deliver the next day, via courier service. For other states we ship our wines in temperature controlled trucks through air conditioned distribution centers.

We email you with a tracking number when the wines leave our warehouse. They are transported by ground across country to one of four gateway warehouses located in Houston, TX; Jacksonville, FL; Chicago, IL and New York, NY.

At the gateway warehouse, the packages are cross-docked to another truck and transported to the UPS or FedEx distribution center nearest to you. Up to this stage, the wines have constantly been in a temperature controlled environment. From the distribution center they are dispatched for delivery to you via a normal UPS or FedEx delivery vehicle. This method has significant benefits, namely:
  • You are able to order and receive wines, even in summer.
  • We are able to maintain regular ground shipping costs - approximately half that of shipping via air.
  • The wines are maintained in a temperature controlled environment throughout their journey.
  • The package goes through significantly less manual steps reducing the opportunity for breakage.
While the truck is traveling across country there will be no updates to the tracking information for the first five to seven days of the truck's journey. Immediately prior to delivery the local UPS/FedEx distribution center will provide tracking updates so you will know exactly when to expect delivery.

We are working with our shipping partners and expect to be able to provide more extensive tracking information on future deliveries. In the meantime please feel free to call 707-433-1500 or email us regarding your delivery.
We ship to all states where it is legal for us to do so. Sometimes a state's law may have recently changed allowing wine shipments under special conditions so we suggest you contact us via email or phone 707-433-1500 so we can assist.

Alternatively, we will ship wine to any UPS Store within the United States where it is legal to do so. You simply register with a UPS store convenient to you and they will receive and hold your wine package in an air conditioned environment for you to collect at your leisure.
Each order is shipped in sturdy, shock absorbent wine shipping containers enclosed in a cardboard box, all manufactured as recycled, environmentally friendly packaging. If something happens with the wine during shipping we will replace it, without question.

You can change your club shipment quantity and varietal levels at any time and if you ever have a problem with any wine in a shipment we will replace it, no questions, no cost. It’s that simple!

You get the picture. As long as it’s legal, we’ll bend over backward to make sure you can enjoy our wines as part of our wine club family.
As part of processing your order we engage a carrier such as UPS or FedEx to deliver it to you. When your package is picked up the carrier allocates it a “tracking number” to identify and trace your shipment as it moves through their system to your destination. When we know your “tracking number” we send an e-mail notification to you. By clicking on the “tracking number” in the email it will take you to the carrier’s web site and automatically tell you where your package is currently and when they estimate you can expect delivery. Carriers generally are unable to specify an exact delivery time but typically deliveries occur during normal business hours.
If you move, simply notify us of your new address by contacting us via phone, fax, mail or email prior to your move.
Phone: 707-433-1500

Contacting us ahead of time will prevent missed shipments or shipping charges incurred due to misdirected wines. If you are logged into our web site as a club member you may also update your record online by simply clicking on the small "Person" icon at the top of any page then clicking on "Account".
We will only sell and deliver alcoholic beverages within the United States to persons who are at least 21 years old. IN PLACING YOUR ORDER YOU REPRESENT TO US THAT YOU ARE AT LEAST 21 YEARS OLD AND THAT THE PERSON TO WHOM YOU ARE DIRECTING DELIVERY IS AT LEAST 21 YEARS OLD. The buyer is solely responsible for shipment of their own alcoholic beverage products. By placing an order, you authorize us to act on your behalf to engage a common carrier such as FedEx, UPS or Golden State to deliver your order to you. When your wine is delivered the person receiving delivery should be able to show identification proving they are at least 21 years old.

The purchaser is responsible for any tax due. For shipments within the State of California and certain other states, we automatically collect and pay the sales taxes due. Any failure on our part relating to a federal or state tax issue however, cannot be used for the purpose of avoiding any tax or related penalties that may be imposed under any applicable state tax code or Internal Revenue Code.

Wine Club Questions

Yes – you may choose a standard six-bottle delivery plan and a default wine color selection, for example, 6 bottles per quarter, all red.

Automatically every quarter we advise via email what wines are in the regular shipment this quarter and give you the option to change the selection to your own choosing.

If you don’t respond to our email we will then simply ship this quarter’s surprise six wines of your original choice. Alternatively, you can request that all your shipments be a particular wine or wine style, for example "only Pinot Noir" or "only Bordeaux reds", etc.

Remember you can change your selection any time simply by sending us an email or via phone
Phone: 707-433-1500

Our Wine Club team will make sure we have just the right wines for your requirements. You can choose the quantity of wine you desire, the variety of wines you like and the frequency of delivery. We manage all these different options so you get perfect wines for your palate and as your needs change you can modify your options. To view more details on your options, visit Wine Club Options.
We will only ship you our Icon Wines, no substitutes, no unknown or second brands, etc. If we choose to include one of our Reserve Wines in your shipment we will reduce its price so you will not pay any more than you expected. What you will receive is based on your wine club choice. For more information on your options, visit Wine Club Options.
Each quarter we develop new recipes, spices and cheese paired with the wines we select for each shipment. Prior to each shipment you will receive an email directing you to the Blog Page in our website where the wines, recipes, spices and cheese selections for the quarter are listed. Recipes are also posted on our Recipe Page of the web site where your can look up any of our recipes that pair with any of our wines.
There is no fee to join Williamson Wines Club. Your credit card will only be charged for wine at the time of shipping. We cannot invoice for shipments and we can only accept personal checks which will be cleared in advance of shipment. For more information on pricing and your wine club options, visit Wine Club Options.
Yes - Club Members automatically receive their same Club discount on wines ordered at our Tasting Room or from the Shop on this website in addition to their regular shipment.
If you have been a wine club member for over one year we will provide the two case discount of 20% on any case of wine purchased at any one time.
An annual schedule of events is provided under Events on this web site. We also email our Wine Club Members with each shipment and in advance of each upcoming event.
We make multiple attempts to contact you via email and phone. If we cannot contact you after 30 days your wine and cheese are returned to inventory. If you finally contact us you will be given a credit for the original wine against supply current vintages. With cheese however we purchased it for you and it has a very limited shelf life so we have to dispose of it and no credit is available.
If you want to leave us, it's OK - but we will miss you! Please see Suspending or Cancelling Wine Club Membership for more information.

Tasting Room Questions

Our wines are classified into three categories, namely:

Icon WinesTerroir driven and economically priced between $47 to $85 per bottle these Icon Wines are our small production, exquisite, collectible wines produced for shipment to our wine club members who enjoy price benefits based upon their chosen membership level and longevity.

Read more about Icon Wines
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Reserve WinesOnly made in limited quantities in years where the fruit is capable of producing exceptional wines, we scientifically create the blends and finish using sensory perception with educated palates. Produced to be used at our own table these wines are not included in wine club shipments however members do enjoy their price benefits on these exclusive wines all priced above $100 per bottle.

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Library WinesOur Library Wines are a small quantity of our finest wines that we are allowing to age gracefully. Safely stored in our temperature-controlled, wine-friendly cellar, they are not included in wine club shipments however members do enjoy their price benefits on these exclusive wines all priced at their original release price plus $10 per year for managed wine storage.

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NOTE: Members receive their club discount on all wines and tastings.
We are open for tastings every day from 11 am through 7 pm.
Tasting Room Locations
  • The Original ~ 134 Matheson Street, Healdsburg CA 95448 Directions
  • Eighteen & Bill's Cellar ~ 18 Matheson Street, Healdsburg CA 95448 Directions
  • All tastings are seated and include food service.
  • Allow about 90 minutes for your tasting.
  • Reservations are subject to cancellation for guests who are more than 30 minutes late.
  • We can not permit any outside food or drink to be brought into the tasting room
  • Please advise us of any allergies or food preferences you may have when you book your tasting reservation. Our winery chefs can accommodate nut allergies, pescetarian, vegetarian and vegan diets and gluten free restrictions if given advance notice of your requirements.

Healdsburg is the confluence of a series of valleys which stretch out in different directions, each with its own soil structure and micro-climate. Interestingly, these valleys and the bench land that divides them provide ideal growing conditions for various different types of wine grapes.

Russian River Valley with its marine influence gives us the ability to grow Burgundy varietals such as Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Dry Creek Valley and Sonoma Valley are ideal for the right bank Bordeaux varieties such as Merlot and Cabernet Franc while Alexander Valley and Napa Valley favor left bank Bordeaux varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot and Malbec. The bench land favors the Rhone varietals such as Syrah and Grenanche.

Best-in-the-world quality fruit of all these varieties can be grown here and all within an hour's drive. It is the most challenging and rewarding place on earth for a winemaker and produces some of the greatest wines for wine lovers.

We love our dogs and your furry friend is welcome — as long as he's a well-behaved registered service dog. Naturally you don’t want someone tripping and falling so we ask that all visiting dogs are kept on a lease with a maximum length of two feet.

Our tasting rooms are designed to provide a taste of our award-winning wines, paired with food samples prepared by our winery culinary staff and presented by our wine educators.

We are legally required to only serve people over 21 years of age so our tasting rooms are places where adults can experience our wines and make a decision to buy them or have them delivered regularly via our wine club.

Since we financially subsidize our tasting rooms we insist on maintaining an ambiance appropriate to the enjoyment of fine wines and food education by our professional staff.

Our license to serve alcohol is restricted to serving glasses of wine. We are not a bar nor are we a restaurant. We simply cannot cater for impromptu requests for water, soft drinks or food service.

Before starting out, putting all that stuff in the car, rounding up the little tykes, etc., - ask yourself this - "Do you really want to take your kids wine tasting with you?"

If your answer is yes then we welcome your kids — as long as you are willing to supervise your own children and they're well-behaved and respectful of other guests in the tasting room.

Simply call us for an appointment to visit our 18 Matheson Tasting Experience with your kids. Tell us how many and their ages so we can be prepared to make their visit as happy an experience as yours.

Our wines are meant to be enjoyed at the table by our club members so we are not focused on producing one "flagship" wine. We provide the same degree of focus on every single wine from Sauvignon Blanc to Cabernet Sauvignon that's why they all taste like "flagship" wines. Read more

This is a great place to work! Ask any of our employees or check us out on Yelp and Trip Advisor. With more than 500 five-star reviews our people are the best!

Read more

To ask us a question call us on 707-433-1500 or Click Here to Email Us

Here are tips from wine industry journalists on how to best enjoy your wine tasting experience:

  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Don't wear perfume or cologne
  • Turn off your cell phone
  • Finish your coffee or food before entering
  • Allow your hosts to seat you
  • Supervise your children or dogs and keep them with you
  • Be open-minded about varietals like Rose or Merlot
  • Remove your hand from the glass while wine is being poured
  • Wine experts actually like Whites as well as Reds
  • If it tastes good go ahead and swallow
  • Do buy wine - it keeps a lot of Americans employed
  • Refrain from discussing politics, religion or other opinionated topics
  • "Industry" means you are 100% employed in a winery
  • Be nice - enjoy the experience - its basically free wine
  • It's against the law to smoke in or within 20 feet of a tasting room entrance
  • Its not good to start a tasting expecting friends to join you "soon"
  • Your tasting lineup generally consists of the wines being poured
  • Its difficult for two people to share a glass, so don't
  • Its not nice to be that loud person who just sounds like a drunk
  • Tipping is OK - Buying wine is better
  • If you over-consume why expect to be served more
  • Wine scores only influence people who can't taste
  • Talking about other wineries is impolite to your host
  • Refrain from washing your glass with water between wines
  • It's not cool to show up at closing time expecting to taste

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