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Quarterly Notifications of Wines, Recipes, Cheese & Pickup Parties

Every quarter under the section NEWS -> RELEASE we publish the wines, recipes and cheeses of the quarter. These are also the recipes used at the pickup party.

They are in chronological order from the top down so if the top is say, “December 2022 Wine Club Release” when you click on it you will find clickable links to the wines, recipes and cheeses. The very first recipe is “Cavatappi Mac & Cheese” which was served at the pickup party.

We also send every member an email link to this Wine Club Release page.


Under FOOD -> RECIPE the Recipe section starts with a search screen and, for example, the “Cavatappi Mac & Cheese” recipe is returned in each of these searches:
  • “cav” returns Cavatappi Mac & Cheese as the first recipe
  • “mac” returns Cavatappi Mac & Cheese as the second recipe
  • “Cheese” returns Cavatappi Mac & Cheese as the sixth recipe

SPICE Search from within a RECIPE

Once you have found a recipe, for example, Cavatappi Mac & Cheese then at the bottom of the recipe are drop-down sections entitled “WINES” and “SPICES” which list every wine or spice used with and linked to this recipe.

Each of these is linked to the individual wine or spice product, for example if you clicked on “Harissa Mix” you would be taken to that spice product where you would be able to buy the product or see details about it in several more pulldowns such as, FLAVOR PROFILE, USAGE SUGGESTIONS, BACKGROUND, ATTRIBUTES and RECIPES.

When you click on RECIPES then a list of the recipes that use that spice is presented and each is a link to the relevant recipe and each in turn contains similar links to wines and spices used.

SPICE Search from the FOOD -> SPICES menu

Under FOOD -> SPICES the section starts with a FIND SPICES search screen. Since spices are often blended, any one spice may be found in many other spices.

If you enter a partial spice name the search will find every spice with that text in the spice record. For instance, even entering the entire spice name such as “Harissa Mix” will return three spices, two of which contain Harissa Mix and the other being the Harissa Mix.

SPICE or RECIPE or CHEESE or FOOD Search from the WINES menu

There are approximately fifty different wine varieties in four categories, RED, WHITE, ROSÉ and SPARKLING.

Every wine variety has a unique name, for example under WINES -> RED you will find “Entice Cuvée” and when clicked it will take you to an overview page of Entice Cuvée.

This page has several more pulldowns such as, BACKGROUND, SENSORY NAME, RECIPES, FOOD PAIRINGS, CHEESE PAIRINGS, and SPICE PAIRINGS to assist you find any link appropriate to that wine.

Google Search of the WW Web Site

Often the simplest way of searching our website is to simply use Google. Enter the item you wish to find preceded by the words "Williamson Wines" for example the Google search "williamson wines entice cuvee" will return a listing all our “Entice Cuvée” products.