Taste wines remotely with family, friends or business colleagues as we bring our wine country experience to you.


Go ahead and choose a tasting flight you would like and hit the CONTACT ME button, which opens an email to us.

Then our concierge will work with you to arrange a suitable date and time for your tasting experience.

We then ship the tasting wines and foods to you and your friends.

On your chosen day we will join you all via a Zoom video call.


An over-the-top experience designed for lovers of fine wines and chocolates.

Enjoy one of Bill's favorite Napa Cabernet Sauvignon wines paired with a selection of six artistic, intriguing, and unusual chocolate creations, that will captivate and delight with every bite - when the Cabernet is added it's no longer a sweet treat, it's an experience! ~ Price $125

Jenny's Tip: - The specially crafted thin chocolate shells ensure you get more of the melt in your mouth ganache and flavors in each bite!



Fine examples of three red Bordeaux-style blends designed for today's most popular food and spice combinations.

Each one of these beautiful Meritage wines is paired with a selection of our cheese, jams and mustards all provided in your tasting package. ~ Price $225

Jenny's Tip: - Pick up your favorite pizza as well for this tasting because you are going to want to finish all three bottles.



Time will pass quickly as you enjoy this completely different and delicious wine experience.

You may never taste a Latour, a Haut-Brion or a Petrus but you can taste their California counterparts in our Reserve Mélange wines. This tasting includes Interlude (Latour), Intrigue (Haut-Brion) and Ravish (Petrus). ~ Price $575

Jenny's Tip: - Be prepared to be spoiled with outstanding wines created to honor the greatest wines of Bordeaux.


Frequently Asked Questions

Typically one hour but our host will answer all of your questions so however long it takes for you to have enough fun.
You need either a mobile phone, or an iPad, or any PC with camera, speakers and reliable internet connection at each location.

We will connect with you via Zoom - you don't need any apps or downloads

We ship wine to almost any state and we can do the tasting simultaneously across multiple locations.

For example we could have a four friends at home in Boston, a couple in Miami a couple in Dallas and a several people in their office in Denver, all fully participating in the tasting.

We send their tasting flight direct via UPS. You all will be able to see and speak to each other and the tasting will take approximately one hour, however we invite plenty of questions from everyone.

The optimum number is based on the camera focus of your PC and the capacity of the wine bottles, so generally one to two couples so four people per location is perfect.

We provide one tasting flight for each location and normal 750ml wine bottle holds five glasses of wine.

If you intend to have six people or more at one location you may need to order two tasting flights for that location.

Jenny's Tip: - If you’re thinking of gifting a virtual wine tasting to someone else, you can easily do so, whether it’s for a friend or loved one, or something for the two of you to enjoy together.

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