Exchanging Information and News

Communication is the lifeline of any relationship

We have a vision of our friends and family enjoying long, healthy and happy lives, returning to natural agricultural food products, leaving behind the commercial "factory" food system with artificial coloring, flavoring and chemical preservatives.

We promote our vision by making natural wines that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. We develop delicious everyday-easy recipes to break the habit of eating fast foods and we encourage our friends to join us discovering wines, cheese and foods from talented artisanal producers around the world.

Visual content is easier to share so we use our website and social media to spread the good word about our wines, recipes, cheese, spices and events. Whatever your favorite social media platform you will find us there, sharing the wealth that is knowledge . . . come join us . . .

Our website is the center of our information universe. The Events Calendar shows everything that's going to happen while the new Releases, Stories, Press and Newsroom sections relate items of interest.

WW Tube


We host our recipe and and wine video on YouTube so you can cook the recipes along with our Epicurean Kitchen chefs show you how right there in your own home kitchen. Plan next week's dinners and order the wines to pair perfectly.



Our Facebook social networking site allows you to interact with fellow club members and keep up with wine friends across the country who you have met at Pickup Parties, Epicurean Dinners or traveled to Europe or Australia with Dawn and Bill.



Instagram is a site we have dedicated for sharing photos and videos. It allows our members to interact thorough likes, comments, and shares so we can participate in the memorable moments in the lives of our friends.



Pinterest is a pin-board style image collection site. If we find a nice image, we can just ‘pin’ it, and it will show in your pin-board, along with the original source. You can also post your own pictures for purely visual communication.



Twitter is our online news platform where we communicate in brief messages to bring you quick notification about something going on in our Healdsburg wine world. If you want a quick update or to let us know something - just tweet.