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Spice Club - What you get

Great cooking requires fresh ingredients and just the right spices. With over 350 different spices and spice blends available in our spice portfolio, where do you start? A spice club membership makes it easy and fun by introducing you to easy-to-prepare dishes using fresh spices.

Four times a year our Chefs select spices that work with fresh foods of the season.

The straightforward recipes they develop are then posted on our website along with a video of our chefs preparing them.

Then we send you the spices, usually three to four different spices. We give you a 20% discount on them, and on any others you choose so your spice club commitment is only $25.



Our Herbie’s spices come in high-barrier packaging, critical to protecting volatile oils and maintaining flavor.

The quantity in each package is kept small to maintain freshness and eliminate the waste associated with unused spices.

Our spices contain no fillers - no starches - no MSG - no additives of any kind, just full, rich flavor.

Jenny's Tip: -Focus on life's important activities, wine, food, health and travel.


John and Rosemary Hemphill were pioneers growing and using fresh herbs and spices. Their son Ian spent so much time in their herb garden that they nicknamed him "Herbie" and today Ian ‘Herbie’ Hemphill is an Australian foodie legend.

His latest book, The Spice and Herb Bible, was a finalist in the James Beard Awards, considered to be the ‘the Oscars of the food world’.

Jenny's Tip: - This book is a great guide to spice and recipes for all home cooks who enjoy experimenting with spices.


With over fifty years of working all over the world with the best spice growers, Ian and wife Liz have built a global spice business named "Herbie's" based on unwavering quality of the spices they choose to bring to market under their name.

As respected figures on the international spice scene, they and daughter Kate, herself a Cordon Bleu chef, continue to provide advice via their books on spices, personal appearances and here on our website. .

Jenny's Tip: - Experts select the best spices from the source just for you.


Herbie's represents the largest range of pure culinary herbs, spices and natural spice blends globally used by thousands of highly recognized chefs and home cooks.

Take our taste test - Order your favorite spice from us and cook your favorite meal using our spice. We think you will find your cooking tastes even better using our fresh, high quality spices.

Jenny's Tip: - our Herbies spices are all natural with full flavor so if you are cooking with pepper spices only use half as much as normal.