wine and cheese ~ ageless companions

Who among us hasn't felt a special sensation when a cart of pungent and blooming cheeses is wheeled over at the end of dinner in that Michelin Star restaurant?

With luck it's accompanied by a fromager, a cheese expert, whose erudite descriptions, guide us towards six or eight wonderful cheeses.

Most ad hoc wine-and-cheese pairings however, simply do not work, especially when they involve red wine, despite the innate wisdom that says they should work together.

More often than not, the fatty richness of a cheese dulls the nuances of a delicate or complex red wine. Yet the red-wine-and-cheese convention is so powerful that most people sip and chew without complaint.

When paired, wine and cheese do their part to bring out the best in each other but expert cheese connoisseurs can’t agree on any absolutes in the wine and cheese pairing game and that was just not not good enough for us.

Every three months we choose six new wines for release to our wine club members.

Our fromager-chef chooses six selections of approximately ten different cheeses that she feels might pair with one of the six wines. This often means that we have from twenty to eighty cheeses to pair with one of six wines.

Our cheese focus group takes an afternoon to taste through the eighty cheeses against all all six wines. Once we have selected the six finalist cheeses they are entered into our cheese listing and sent out to our cheese club where thousands of dedicated wine and cheese lovers taste them in their homes.

We know from our personal research and from the feedback of thousands of members that our pairings work and work well.

To find a wine and cheese pairing that works simply go to the "Wines" section of this website, choose a wine type, either Red, White, Rose or Sparkling and click on the wine name.

Once the description comes up click on the "Cheese Pairings" tab and all the cheeses we have paired with that wine will be listed.

Click on the cheese name to read all about that particular cheese.

Now all you have to do is find a shop that sells that cheese. Of course if you were in our wine and cheese club you would already have it!