wine and cheese ~ ageless companions

Restaurant Cheese Expert

Who among us hasn't felt a special sensation when a cart of pungent and blooming cheeses is wheeled over at the end of dinner in that Michelin Star restaurant?

With luck it's accompanied by a cheese expert, whose knowledge and descriptions, guide us towards six or eight wonderful cheeses.

Restaurant Cheese Trolly
Without that expert many ad hoc wine-and-cheese pairings may not work all that well because the creamy richness of a cheese can overpower the nuances of a delicate complex red wine.

Your Own Cheese Expert

When paired correctly, wine and cheese bring out the best in each other, an experience we want to share with our members.

Every three months we choose six new wines for release to our wine club members and pair six new cheeses with them.

Our chefs choose various cheese selections which we taste to select the perfect pairings - a daunting task!


The six finalist cheese are sent to thousands of our dedicated wine and cheese loving members. From the feedback we know that our pairings work well.

Your Own Paring

If you have a wine and want to know the cheese paired with it just choose from the selections here:

Go ahead and click on the wine you have and then click on the "Cheese Pairings" tab. All the cheeses we have paired with that wine will be listed.

Click on the cheese name to read all about that particular cheese.

Now all you have to do is find a shop that sells that cheese.

Of course if you were in our wine and cheese club you would already have it!