Natural, Healthy, Vegan Wines

We drink these wines ourselves so why not do our best?

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Our natural wines are plant-based, low in sulfites, vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free and can significantly contribute to your wellness lifestyle.

Our wines are not distributed or sold through any stores or restaurants. Almost all go to our wine club members and we spend a lot of time with them eating, drinking and traveling so we think of our members as family.

When we share our wines with friends and family we want them to be healthy and to taste as good as possible so we became early-adopters of the natural wine movement.

Our wines simply taste better. There’s a vibrancy and energy to them that is undeniably more interesting. They are approachable wines that are made in traditional ways; artisanal, terroir-driven with low-intervention winemaking.

Low Yield, Sustainably Farmed Vineyards

Natural wine begins in the vineyard. Williamson vineyards are located across Napa and Sonoma Counties all farmed under the control of the Williamson family.

All the vineyards are certified "sustainable" grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers and include growing protocols calling for crop yields of about 30% of normal vineyards. Less fruit per vine means higher costs but also higher quality fruit.


Sustaining a healthy habitat for microbiological life in the vineyard is fundamental in developing grapes of quality. This microbiological life accompanies the grapes into the winery, converting the juice into wine, becoming an integral part of the final wine in the bottle. Natural wine is therefore, literally, living wine from living soil.

Natural, Vegan & Low Sulfide Wines

The wines are all natural, made slowly without additives or constraints on time or effort, then aged in the finest French Oak barrels. The wines are not fined or filtered so they more genuinely express the terroir, the sense of place where the grapes grew.

Our wines contain no animal products and have very low sulfide content which means they will not cause histamine headaches usually associated with red wine consumption. As a natural product they are compatible with a healthy lifestyle.

Creating healthy red wines from sustainably farmed vineyards without coloring or flavoring additives makes them natural.

Ensuring they have low sulfides reduces the risk of histamine headaches and hangovers makes them approachable.

Not using any of the animal products usually associated with red wines qualifies them as vegan.

Healthy Wines

Our natural wines are healthier and more easily digestible. Due to their delicacy and complexity, they are excellent company for good cooking, supporting traditional dishes as well as lighter, healthier Mediterranean diet style foods.

NATURAL WINE-Mediterranean Diet

Our friends are all trying to lead active, healthy lifestyles and our wines compliments that way of life. Now research studies are revealing that our natural wines have a portfolio of health benefits, contributing to a healthy lifestyle and are also beneficial in skin care.

The Natural Wine Movement

Natural wine refers to a global movement among forward-thinking winemakers for production of wine using simple, traditional methods. Literally growing grapes and making wine the way our grandfathers did before industrialization when food and wine actually had natural flavors.

Although there is no uniform definition of natural wine, it is "low-intervention” wine produced with grapes grown sustainably without the use of pesticides or herbicides and with few or no additives (like fake oak flavor, sugar, acid, fish bladders, egg white, etc.) in the winemaking process.

There may be a misconception that natural wines have a funky taste but this is not true. Wine can be made naturally in any form, whether it’s a big bold California Cab or a luxurious bottle of Champagne. Natural wine isn’t a taste-specific descriptor but a much bigger-picture approach to winemaking and sustainability.

Drink up, enjoy and be healthy!