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How it Works

Club Members enjoy a flat rate shipping fee of $35 per any case of wine of up to twelve bottles. This includes all normally scheduled club shipments, plus any additional wines ordered at any other time.


Any Number of Shipments

Club Members can order any three or more bottles of wine any number of times throughout the year and receive a flat $35 shipping, everywhere in the US. If you love the wines just order them and it's OK to mix and match.


Use our Recipes and Wine Pairings

Use our club recipes to plan your dinner and wine combination. Order any of our forty wines, paired with recipes. Club flat rate $35 shipping fee means you can have a fun time with perfect food and wine dinner combinations.


Not a Wine Club Member?

Consider becoming a Wine Club Member and access our range of forty+ wines paired with our 600+ recipes. Enjoy Rose for summer fun or Pinot for dinner with Mom. Malbec with a big steak or Cabernet anytime is great!


Good Wines Available & Affordable

Order wines you know you like as often as you like from our huge collection of great wines without playing "Supermarket Bingo" trying to find a wine you think you might like, then lining up to buy it and carrying it home.


Don't Start Digging a Cellar

Avoid big wine cellar storage problems - don't start digging a cellar - just order wine whenever you want and it ships directly from our wine-friendly cellar to you without the hidden shipping costs from other "free shipping" offers.

UPS Store

Delivery when Nobody's at Home ?

Delivery of alcohol requires an adult signature. If you can't be home to sign for it we can ship it to your account at a local UPS store where it waits in a wine-friendly, air-conditioned office for you to collect at your leisure.

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UPS Delivery

Satisfaction or Replace Policy

Licensed to ship wine to virtually every state we have strategies to tackle everything from confusing regulations to unpredictable weather. Your wine arrives in great condition and is backed by our "satisfaction or replace" policy.

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