Wine Styles

A discussion with Bill Williamson.

Our wine making style is influenced by the historically great wines of the world. Bordeaux wines are typically classified as full-bodied styles. Burgundies are considered light and elegant. The wines of the Rhône are considered to be medium-bodied. All have their place on the table with different foods in different courses within the meal.

Bordeaux Style Wines - The Noble Family Noble Bordeaux Style Wines . . .

Bordeaux is known for its world renowned bold, age-worthy wines and our Bordeaux style wines pay tribute to the complexity and quality of the wines from this region that are almost exclusively blends.

Bordeaux Style Wines - The BlendsBlended Bordeaux Style Wines . . .

Blending is used to maximize the expression of a wine. It can enhance aromas, color, texture, body and finish, making a more well-rounded, complex and interesting wine. Some of the world's greatest wines including most Bordeaux and Rhone wines are made from a blend of grapes rather than a single varietal.

Our blends are designed in the vineyard, grown and selected to fulfill an ideal, rather than created from a random assemblage of grapes. The idea is to highlight each grape's strength and complement the other grapes being used in the blend. By producing a wine based on an ideal, on an actual wine making philosophy, the wine will be much more likely to show a balanced flavor set and endure to become a chosen favorite.

Burgundy Style Wines Burgundy Style Wines . . .

Burgundy produces fabulously complex wines with delicious flavors and a definite sensuality. Categorized into three levels of quality Grand Cru, Premiers Crus, and Village, a Burgundy red is always Pinot Noir; a white is always Chardonnay. Burgundian wines are impressive because of the subtle and complex flavors produced from a single grape.

Rhône Style WinesRhône Style Wines . . .

Classified as one of the best regions in France along with Bordeaux and Burgundy, the Rhône Valley is known for its variety of earthy red wines. Rhône red wine is produced mainly from Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre while wines in which all three are blended are known as GSM blends. Considered to be medium-bodied, with bright, vibrant flavors of spice Rhône wines also tend to have earthy flavors of dark fruit, herbs and coffee.

Sparkling, Rosé & Esoteric Wines Sparkling, Rosé & Esoteric Wines . . .

All around the world, wine makers have their own secret formula and variations for making distinctive still and sparkling wine varieties not considered mainstream. Making small quantities of quality wines is time consuming and expensive. Our esoteric collection of wines are made without cost considerations. They are made to display their unique varietal characteristics while delivering pleasure to the taster. As such, they are prized by people with a special knowledge or appreciation of our craft.

Reserve Wines Reserve Wines . . .

There are wines that have stood the test of time, the fickleness of popular trend and have emerged recognizable across generations as the greatest of their kind. In researching the composition of some of the world's greatest wines we were inspired to make our own collection of wines in the traditional style from the very best of our Napa and Sonoma vineyards.

Discussion with Bill Williamson

"I am often asked why I make so many different wines?

There are many reasons
. . . to honor vignerons who have gone before
. . . to show the way for our children to follow
. . . because there are so many different foods
. . . the challenge to create something unique
. . . because I can."

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