The Ultimate Question of a Winemaker

"Hey Bill - what do you drink when you are not drinking your own wine?"

Bill's Cellar Club

Hearing the same question over and over, Bill decided to share some of his personal cellar wines with our members through Bill's Cellar Club, which is based on the concept that, if you like Bill's wines then you have a similar palate, so you will like other wines that Bill likes.

Bill likes to drink his own Reserve wines as well as some French wines and Australian wines. The imported wines are collected from "Sister Wineries" on our travels during the annual Oz Odyssey and Europe Odyssey wine club trips. Each wine chosen has been tasted and selected as exceptional by Dawn and Bill personally.

A subscription to Bill's Cellar Selection is limited to Wine Club Members and adds one special bottle of red wine from Bill's Cellar to each of your shipments - a total of four bottles per year. These wines add an extra $80 to $125 per shipment, depending on the selected wine and naturally your wine club discount also applies.  

Sister Wineries

*"Sister Wineries"* refers to our relationship with several other select wineries throughout the United States, France, New Zealand and Australia.

Like us, the *Sister Wineries* are family owned, passionate about wine quality and demonstrate integrity in reflecting the grape variety and sense of place in their wines.

The Sister Wineries, like ours, are almost fully subscribed by their own local customers so they are generally not available through regular wine distribution channels. 

Our goals in establishing the Sister Wineries relationships are to deliver a range of unique, exceptional wines to our members and to extend our Wine Club Membership privileges across a select group of high quality wineries in beautiful locations.

We also enjoy the wines ourselves.

Wine Cellar

Bill's Cellar Club

If you like Bill's wines you might like other wines that Bill drinks. Limited to existing Members this adds one special bottle of red wine from Bill's Cellar to each of your shipments - a total of four bottles per year.


Oz Odyssey ~ Australia Every March

Anyone can get on a jet and visit Australia but we take it to a whole new level so join a small group of Members traveling with us to enjoy the best of food, wine and hospitality that our home country of Australia can provide.


Europe Odyssey ~ Every September

Join Bill, Dawn & Sam cruising in Europe. Visit wineries in France, Spain, Italy - everywhere the grape grows from England to Greece - as long as it's a warm sunny climate and we have good food, wine and a luxury ship under us. .