Yoakim Bridge Estate

In August 2022 Williamson Wines acquired Yoakim Bridge Winery. The 140 year old Yoakim Bridge Vineyard became one of the premium vineyards our family farms throughout Sonoma and Napa Counties.

While we continue our tradition of integrity in winemaking, producing small quantities of sustainably crafted wines solely for our wine club members, this acquisition also created a wonderful new location for club members and friends to enjoy tasting our wines, including our highly rated Reserve wines.

Come enjoy our vineyard tasting experiences at Yoakim Bridge Estate located centrally in Dry Creek Valley where every wine tasting is accompanied by small bites created by our winery culinary team.

Tasting ~ Wine & Cheese

Location ~ 7209 Dry Creek Road

Join Sam, Kevin and the rest of the Yoakim Bridge team pairing fine wines with the kind of foods that you might find in your own fridge. Take time to enjoy a seated tasting through a flight of wines paired perfectly with our food bites.

Jenny's Tip: - A delicious, educational experience. Tastings every 90 minutes from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm daily. $25 per person but Members are always free!!


Tasting ~ Icon Wines & Culinary Delights

Location ~ 7209 Dry Creek Road

Come taste a flight of our iconic natural wines reserved for our wine club each perfectly paired with culinary delights by our winery chefs featuring fresh, local ingredients seasoned with our range of 350 herb and spice blends

Jenny's Tip: - See how wine lifts the food flavors when paired correctly. Tastings daily at noon, 2pm and 4pm. $75 per person - Membership allowances apply!!


Lunch Tasting ~ Reserve Wines + Lunch

Location ~ 7209 Dry Creek Road

An experience designed for lovers of fine wine to enjoy our famous Bordeaux First Growth style wines that favor bright fruit, complexity and vineyard character, with a hint of the covert opulence you would expect from great wines.

Jenny's Tip: - Exceptional wines and plenty of palate pleasing food. Reservations required at $145 per guest - please don't drink alcohol that morning.