. . . taste wines not available anywhere else in the world . . .

Wine & Cheese Tasting

Join Tony, George, Tracey and the rest of our downtown team pairing fine wines with the kind of foods that you might find in your own fridge.

This Wine & Cheese Tasting is the entry point to the world of Williamson Wines Tasting Experiences. Guests enjoy a seated tasting while our host takes you through a flight of four or five wines that pair perfectly with our cheese and food bites.

Jenny's Tip: - A delicious, educational experience. Tastings every 90 minutes from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm daily. $25 per person ~ Members are always free!!

We have over forty different wines to choose from so this Wine & Cheese Tasting is just the beginning of a fabulous journey into the world of Williamson Wines Tasting Experiences.


Classic Icon Wines & Culinary Delights Tasting

Come taste a flight of our iconic natural wines reserved for our wine club members.

Each wine is perfectly paired with culinary delights (almost a mini-lunch) by our own winery chefs.

We feature fresh, local ingredients seasoned with our extensive range of fresh herb and spice blends then individually paired with a wine.

Each dish is created in-house and you can see the recipe prepared on our recipe videos via our williamsonwines.com website or our Epicurean Kitchen YouTube channel.

Take a quick look at an Icon Tasting YouTube Arrow Very Small.

Jenny's Tip: - See how wine lifts the food flavors when paired correctly. Tastings daily at noon, 2pm and 4pm. $50 per person - Membership allowances apply!!


Icon Wines + Lunch Tasting

You can also enjoy a selection of our Icon wines with the their perfect food pairings but upgraded to lunch-sized portions.

This is an over-the-top lunch experience tasting a selection of our Icon wines each paired with a special course created by our winery chefs.

Jenny's Tip: - Exceptional wines and plenty of palate pleasing food. Reservations required at $75 per guest - please don't have a big breakfast or drink alcohol that morning - you will be well-served!


Happy Hour at Bill's Cellar

A great place to try a tasting or just join us for Happy Hour - weekdays from 4 pm to 6 pm - where you can relax and enjoy a wine and yummy bites - so come by and share a glass with us.

Jenny's Tip: - Walk-ins are welcome at Bill's Cellar but you can always call to be sure we have your seat reserved. At Happy Hour $15 gets food and a glass of wine ~ unwined!!


Friday Lunch ~ 4 courses + 4 wines

Every Friday our chefs show what they can do, producing a four-course lunch all with local, fresh Sonoma produce.

Each Friday has a different menu theme. Based on European "Bistros" referring to a small cozy restaurant serving simple, delicious dishes with local wine in a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.

Don't miss this delicious lunch and do come hungry because each of the four courses is perfectly paired with a glass of wine.

Jenny's Tip: - Lunch served Fridays at noon all for a fixed price of $75 per person but please note - RSVP only - 707-433-1500

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