Food & Wine Lunch Healdsburg

Join us for a weekly culinary adventure with our themed food and wine pairing lunches every Friday.

Our talented in-house chefs take on the challenge, crafting a delightful four-course lunch, paired with Bill's hand-picked wines.

Your entertaining server presents each course and the fusions of flavors you may experience pairing the wines.

All for a fixed price of just $75 per person.

Join us for an extraordinary dining experience. Check out the menus to preview the culinary creations to come. Your Friday's just got a whole lot more exciting!

The French Bistro

The Bistro - a rustic restaurant serving French-inspired hearty local fare.

Expect a warm welcome and a menu featuring classic, indulgent dishes that go big on meat, spices, onions and butter together with generous helpings of wine.

Leave your worries at the door when entering our local version of the French "bouchon" - all that matters here is great food and the love of a good time.

The Steakhouse

Bill wanted to recreate the classic Chicago "steakhouse" where business folks can still enjoy power lunches and conduct meetings.

To make a difference we set out to find thoughtfully sourced steaks that aren’t pumped with hormones so we serve grass-fed Australian Kobe and select Texas Wagyu beef along with fresh local Sonoma produce.

The Italian Trattoria

Similar to an Italian Ristorante but a lot more casual the Trattoria is typically family-run, where we feature local Sonoma produce and a changing seasonal menu.

Here our chefs turn their talent to traditional Mediterranean style dishes and this is the perfect opportunity to experience authentic Italian cooking - now that’s the definition of comfort food that's also good for you.

The Seafood Cafe

There are few things better in life than fresh-from-the-sea goodness, perhaps draped in garlic butter and kissed with lemon, or deep-fried with a side of tangy house-made tartar sauce.

Our chefs use fresh seafood and prepare dishes in mouthwatering fashion adding a little international variety to our local Pacific Ocean bounty. More than just eating seafood and drinking wine, it's a total Mediterranean salty pairing experience.