Friday Lunch Menu - The Italian Trattoria

Italian Lunch Menu

Champagne Welcome

Fizz Sparkling White Wine ~ Méthode Traditionnelle Champagne Style Wine


Classic Minestrone Soup
Winter vegetables, Fresh Picked Herbs,
Red Wine Vinegar, and Parmigiano Reggiano
Tickled Pink Rosé ~ Bordeaux Style Wine


Mussels, Little Neck Clams & Tiger Shrimp
braised with roma tomatoes in a white wine broth,
angel hair pasta and a side of the world's greatest garlic toast
Herbies Italian Herb Seasoning
Perky Petit Verdot 2019 ~ Single Vineyard & Varietal Bordeaux Style Wine


“Brasato di Guanciale” Beef Cheek Ragu
Tomato, red wine, herbs, pappardelle
Herbie’s Umami Seasoning
Allure Meritage ~ Left Bank Bordeaux Style Wine


Italian Butterscotch “budino”
brown sugar, caramel sauce
Sultry Cabernet Franc ~ Single Vineyard & Varietal Bordeaux Style Wine

Your menu may change slightly subject to your dietary restrictions, seasonal variation or fresh produce availability.

Italian Lunch

Everyone enjoys a Friday lunch so it's no surprise to see Dawn greeting guests and enjoying a lunch that will send you in search of a comfortable couch for a Friday afternoon nap - Yes !!!

The Salad

Caprese Salad is a classic Italian favorite. This is a vibrant and gorgeous salad of fresh tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil leaves, Herbies Five Spice Blend

Meeting New Friends

You may have come alone or as a couple but over lunch you will find other kindred spirits who love food and wine and are happy to celebrate Friday with new friends.

Seafood Pasta

Mussels, Little Neck Clams & Tiger Shrimp, braised with roma tomatoes in a white wine broth over angle hair pasta and a side of garlic toast - Oh Yes !!!

Everyone Enjoys Themselves

Each wine and dish impresses then, just when you think it doesn't get any better - it does! Guests realize, "I'm not in any restaurant - I'm surrounded by new friends and enjoying it all!"

Lasagna à la Bolognese

Dawn loves Lasagne alla Bolognese featuring delicate layers of pasta noodles, a luxurious mix of hearty ragù bolognese and creamy béchamel with just the hint of ricotta and mozzarella.

Perfect Pairings

Friday Lunch is our way of giving back to our community - four courses perfectly paired with four wines and the chance of a free lunch - Perfect!

Classic Tiramisù

Creamy dessert of espresso-soaked ladyfingers, lightly sweetened whipped cream and dreamy layers of rich mascarpone cream, and a healthy dusting of cocoa powder.

It's Never Over

Every work week ends with Friday and every Friday we offer a themed lunch in Epicurean Kitchen Restaurant so don't worry, there's another Friday Lunch just six days away!