Wine Club Members ~ Our Extended Family

Delivering enjoyment through wine and food is our goal

Your membership has value. If you drink two bottles of wine a week that's 100 bottles a year. Through our Wine Club you can only get twelve to twenty-four bottles per year so treat yourself once or twice a month.

We want to make sure you find our wines outstanding from a wine quality perspective, from a food pairing perspective through our recipes, food products and dinners; and from an added-value perspective through our events, travel and friendly customer service.

Our wines are classified into three categories, namely:

Icon WinesTerroir driven and economically priced between $34 to $85 per bottle these Icon Wines are our small production, exquisite, collectible wines produced for shipment to our wine club members who all enjoy price benefits based upon their chosen membership level and longevity.

Reserve WinesOnly made in limited quantities in years where the fruit is capable of producing exceptional wines, we scientifically create the blends and finish using sensory perception with educated palates.

Produced to be used at our own table these wines are not included in regular wine club shipments however members may elect to be in the Reserve Club to receive just these wines or the Cellar Club to receive one Reserve wine with each normal club shipment.

Library WinesOur Library Wines are a small quantity of our finest wines that we are allowing to age gracefully. Safely stored in our temperature-controlled, wine-friendly cellar, they are not included in wine club shipments however members do enjoy their price benefits on these exclusive wines all priced at their original release price plus $2 per year to cover our managed wine storage.

You can choose the quantity of wine you desire, the variety of wines you like and the frequency of delivery.

Don't know what to choose to begin? Try our "Surprise Me" and choose either Red, White or Mixed and we will choose the actual wines for you. As a member you can change your wine selections anytime.

We manage all these different options so you get perfect wines for your palate and as your needs change you can modify your options. We can curate a membership experience just perfect for you so click here to click here to email us.

Our Wine Club team will make sure we have just the right wines for your requirements.

Our wines are all natural, from our sustainably farmed vineyards. In the vineyards increasing predator biodiversity helps natural predators replace pesticides and intercropping is used to provide soil nutrients instead of chemical fertilizers.

In the winery we practice non-interventionist winemaking. No flavor inducing chemicals or additives are used because we are making wines with "a sense of place" in which vineyard location (place), grape variety and season are all contained in the chemistry of the wine.

Low in sulfides and containing no animal products (vegan) our wines are healthy and delicious - as good as it gets!

As a wine club member if you have a problem with one of our wines just tell us and in your next club shipment you will find a free replacement.

As an alternative to shipping, you may elect to pick up your wines at one of our "pickup parties" held throughout the normal club shipment months.

Since the wines remain in our "wine-friendly" warehouse until collection, if you miss your pick up date the wines may be out of stock by the time you come to collect them.

If this is the case we will substitute a different wine of similar variety and price to the original club shipment wine.

We will only ship you our Icon Wines, no substitutes, no unknown or second brands, etc.

If we choose to include one of our higher priced Reserve Wines in your shipment we will reduce its price so you will not pay any more than you expected.

The variety and quantity of wines you receive is based on your individual wine club choice.

For more information on your options click here to click here to email us.

Each quarter we develop new recipes, spices and cheese pairings for the wines we select for each shipment.

Prior to each shipment you will receive an email directing you to the News / Releases Page in our website where the wines, recipes, spices and cheese selections for the quarter are listed.

Recipes are also posted on our Recipe Page of the web site where your can look up any of our recipes that pair with any of our wines.

There is no fee to join Williamson Wines Club. Your credit card will only be charged for wine at the time of shipping.

We cannot invoice for shipments and we can only accept personal checks which will be cleared in advance of shipment.

For more information on pricing and your wine club options, visit Wine Clubs.

Yes - Club Members automatically receive their same Club discount on wines ordered at our Tasting Room or from the Shop on this website in addition to the regular wine club shipments.
If you are a wine club member and purchase extra cases at any one time we will provide any appropriate higher level discount over your normal club level.
Our Free Shipping Option is designed to vastly reduce and cap your wine shipping costs. Make one single payment of $149.00 yearly. Then order any three or more bottles of wine any number of times throughout the year and receive free ground shipping, everywhere in the US and your regular Wine Club shipments are free of ground shipping charges as well. Click here to apply now.
A schedule of events is provided under Club Member Events on this web site.

All events are listed in the Events Calendar on this site.

Regular events are posted on the News Page in our website where the wines, recipes, spices and cheese selections for the quarter are listed.

We also email our Wine Club Members with each shipment and in advance of each upcoming event.

Wine shipments require an adult signature and UPS and FedEx are not supposed to leave packages containing wine at your door.

After three delivery attempts the wine is returned to the winery which is inconvenient.

Rather than you waiting at home we can redirect it to your office or a local UPS store where there is always someone to sign for it.

They will keep your wine safe in an air-conditioned environment. We confirm delivery via email so you can pick it up whenever convenient.

We offer allocation clubs where we tell you about the wines we have chosen for you before we ship and give you a large list of alternatives so you can literally create your own individual club shipment each time.

You can select types of wines or specific wines from our portfolio of over forty-five new wines released each year.

Like to focus on a particular type of wine? We produce a range of Sparkling wines as well as Burgundy, Bordeaux and Rhone styles, all naturally produced and made in both white and red.

Have a favorite? Tell us you want one or two of them in each shipment. We want you to receive the wines that you will enjoy so we will help customize your club shipments.

Like wine but need to pause shipments while you move or grow your family? We can simply skip your shipments for a period.

You get to retain your club seniority and its benefits then, at your chosen point in the future, you can start enjoying our new wines again.

If you enjoy one bottle on Saturday and one on Sunday, that's over one hundred bottles gone every year.

Our normal club shipments deliver only twelve beautiful wines each year.

You can skip shipments while you find a way to reduce your collection.

Nothing looks more dismal than empty wine shelves so why not just move to our "Silver Club" where you get only three bottles, twice per year.

Is a bottle of great red wine at around $35 club price too much to spend?

If you buy two $25 bottles in a local store and one tastes terrible you just paid $50 for one OK bottle, and a disappointment.

We don't distribute our wines so they are not available in stores or restaurants.

On release our award-willing wines go exclusively to our wine club where your membership is free and you and your friends will love every wine.

If you need to put your membership on hold we can suspend it until some future date and your membership tenure will be uninterrupted.

If you we want to leave us, it's OK - but we will miss you!

To cancel you will need to email us so we know it's you and not some prankster cancelling your subscriptions.

Our membership is limited and your cancellation allows others on the waiting list to join in their turn. If you fully completed your original club membership commitments you may elect to join the Silver Club or contact us to request new membership.
We financially subsidize events for our members. This is a exclusive benefit of their membership.

For some events we permit members to bring guests but with extra costs involved.

Typically this is usually one member and partner plus one guest and partner, so non-members may attend some events as a member's paid guest, however several events are exclusively member-only.