Private Label Wines

Like your own, personal label?

Your own personally labeled wine is a wonderful gift for family members; an elegant way to thank a colleague or valued client; or makes a great centerpiece at dinner with friends.

Not available in any stores or restaurants your personally labeled wine is delicious and unique.

How does it Work?

Let us know you are interested via email here: Email:

We will contact you so you can choose any one of our wines and provide us your art work or wording for your label. Don't worry - your art work does not have to be camera-ready perfect.

Once we have a clear understanding of your label requirements we confirm your wine order and our graphic artist creates a proof of the finished label for your approval.

The wine comes in our standard 750ml bottle with a regular Williamson black back label (to comply with Federal Gov. requirements), normal black foil and cork.

We take care of the legal requirements for wine label approval, etc., produce the final label graphical art work, print the label and produce the wine labeled, in cases ready for your cellar and to share with your colleagues and family.

Order by May and your wine will be available by September.

What does it Cost?

The price for private label is the standard price of the wine you choose, with a minimum purchase of one case (12 bottles), plus a one time setup fee of $950.

Your credit card will be billed in three payments, namely:

  • When your order is accepted you will be billed $475 as the first half of the setup fee.
  • When your artwork is confirmed you will be billed $475 as the second half of the setup fee.
  • When the wine is bottled you will be billed for the wine.
All sales are final and subject to any applicable tax at the time of billing.

What about Delivery?

Your wine will be packaged in standard 12 bottle cardboard boxes which you may collect from our Healdsburg location.

Alternatively it can be delivered to you anywhere in the contiguous U.S. via temperature controlled road transport.

Will you Ship to my Friends?

If you wish, we can ship your bottes directly to your friends and colleagues all over the country.

We are licensed to ship wine to virtually every state and the shipment of alcohol without our Federal and State licenses is illegal and delivery of alcohol by a licensed carrier requires an adult signature.

You simply give us a list of recipients, the number of bottles each should receive and any extra information like a personal note or card, etc., you would like included in each package with their wine.

We will pack and ship the wines directly from our Northern California facility and you will only be charged standard shipping rates and any applicable tax.


The minimum order for private labeled wines is one case of twelve (12) bottles. All orders are final and pricing is net plus any applicable taxes and shipping. Private label purchases are exempt from wine club member discounts. You may cancel your order at any time throughout the process with two weeks notice and only those charges that apply up to that time will remain in effect.

When some folks hear the term private-label wines, they may envision some unknown, low-quality brand, with a fancy label like Trader Joe’s Two-Buck Chuck or Costco’s Kirkland Signature brand.

Private-label wines, traditionally, brands created for a company, a retailer or a restaurant, are no longer cheap plonk. The public profile of these wines has risen to such a degree that wine writers are now devoting columns to the category.

So it's OK to ask us to private label some of our beautiful wines especially for you. Your family, friends, clients and colleagues will be surprised and happy you decided to share such beautiful wines from your personal cellar with them.