Your own Private Labeled Wine

Prestige and Fun

An elegant way to thank employees, colleagues or valued clients. Ideal for celebrating a special event it makes a wonderful gift for family members. Impressive to pour at dinner with friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us know you are interested via email and we will contact you so you can select any one of our wines that you like.

You provide us your ideas or a sample of your art work, logo, etc., and the wording for your label.

Once we understand your label requirements we confirm your wine order and our graphic artist creates a proof of the finished label for your approval.

The wine comes in our standard 750ml bottle with a regular Williamson black back label (to comply with Federal Gov. requirements), normal black foil and cork.

We take care of all the Federal and State legal requirements for wine label approval. We produce the final label graphical art work, print the label and produce the wine labeled, in cases ready for your cellar and to share with your colleagues and family.
For orders confirmed by June the wine will be available by September of the same year.
The price for private label is the standard list price of whatever wine you choose from our portfolio of over forty different wines.

There is a minimum order of five cases, each of 12 bottles (minimum total = 60 bottles), plus a one time setup fee of $1,500.

Yes - Wine Club Members receive their current club discount on the private labeled wines, which, including the setup fee, are billed at the time of order acceptance.
You may collect the wine from our Healdsburg location or we can deliver to a single location, for example your home, your office, your country club or to multiple delivery points at your direction.
Yes - We are licensed to ship wine to virtually every state.

We can safely and legally ship your bottes directly to your friends and colleagues all over the country using a licensed carrier such as UPS or FedEx who will deliver the wine directly to your colleagues at their home or office. All they need is an adult to receive the wine.

You simply give us a list of recipients, the number of bottles each should receive and any extra information, like a personal note or card, to be included in each package with their wine.

We will pack and ship the wines directly from our Northern California facility and you will only be charged standard shipping rates and any applicable tax.

No you cannot take the wine and ship it on to others for several reasons:
  • The shipment of alcohol by any individual or company is illegal without Federal and State licenses.
  • USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc., will all refuse to ship wine for an individual or company without the appropriate licenses.
  • Without the licenses you cannot insure the wine against damage while shipping.
  • Wine needs to be packed correctly in specifically designed wine shipping boxes.
  • Based upon the temperature at the delivery point you may need to use alternative shipping methods.
We however, are licensed to ship wine to virtually every state for you. We have the correct packaging and can pack, insure and ship your wine to locations all across the country with full tracking and delivery acknowledgement.
You may also order our wine in large format bottles and you may also have bottles, of any size, etched with your own label or logo - more . . .