Mary Doyle

A centenary release based on our Sovereign Cabernet Sauvignon to honor our Mother, Mary Doyle-Williamson.

"We created this intense wine to celebrate the centennial of our Mother, Mary Doyle-Williamson (1919 – 2015) ~ Thanks for everything Mum."

This wine is “like the power of the earth in a glass!” The vines sink their roots deep down into the pure black volcanic soil. This gives the wine personality, forthright and truthful with a sharp mineral nature. It tastes of raw power with that good fragrance of the countryside dampened by the season’s first rains.

Dominated by blueberry and blackberry flavors a host of savory notes appear as the fruit gradually opens with air. Intense, dark and decidedly brooding in style, the interplay of fruit, structure and acidity is compelling. Closing notes of violet, rose petal and mocha add further nuance.

Decant for at least one hour. Serving temperature: 65°F

To open, turn the corkscrew through the top of the wax cap and the cork in unison.

For Bill the year 1919 had two significant events, his Grandfather, Michael opened the family's original winery in Australia and Mary, his mother-to-be, was born.

As the eldest child in this Irish-Catholic farming family Mary assumed the role of mentor for her brothers and throughout World War II her home became the last place to stay before going overseas and the first place to come back to, for those few who returned.

As our families grew Mary was the "glue" that kept us all together and she became the family matriarch. When her husband passed in 1996 Mary joined Bill & Dawn's family in California. Many club members remember partying and dancing with her at our vineyard pig roast and lobster feast harvest celebrations.

Mary Doyle

Just four years before her one-hundredth birthday our lives were interrupted by Mary's passing leaving a giant void in our family. At this time the 2014 Sovereign was luxuriating in its barrels, waiting for a future bottling. Bill immediately decided that this very special wine would be redirected to become a once-only release to honor his mother, Mary.

Aged in French Oak barrels for 44 months, the first 22 months in new barrels followed by another 22 months in neutral oak to avoid imparting oak flavors and then only 100 cases were produced with each bottle etched as 1919 Mary Doyle

The bottle is a Bordeaux style with the details etched into the glass and highlighted in cherry red and white enamel. The WILLIAMSON WINES name has been etched and highlighted with actual gold. To crown this special package, the neck was dipped in black wax. All of this work was performed by craftsmen as is fitting of such a handcrafted wine.

Not a wine to be consumed over dinner and light discussion. This is a wine destined for a night of challenge, promising romance, passion and fulfillment. Powerful and sensuous, this wine, a perfect legacy for Mary, won't settle for anything less!

1919 Mary Doyle ~ to celebrate the centennial of our Mother, Mary Doyle-Williamson (1919 – 2015)

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