Cherish Mélange

Cherish Mélange is a right bank Bordeaux-Style blend inspired by the Saint-Emilion wines of Château Cheval Blanc.

Out of the ordinary, incomparable, the rare ability to be potentially one of the outstanding red wines of the new world. A wine of real beauty to cherish as it softly envelops the palate.

The balance is critical between the Merlot, bringing suppleness, roundness and exceptional length and the Cabernet Franc which cherishes the nose with ripe red fruit delivering a wonderful first impression.

Decant for one hour or more. Tasting temperature: 65°F

Cherish Mélange is a right bank Bordeaux-Style blend inspired by the Saint-Emilion wines of Château Cheval Blanc.

Château Cheval Blanc grows grapes on one hundred acres of vineyards in Saint-Émilion appellation in the Bordeaux wine region of France and is a right bank wine.

The chateau traces its heritage back for centuries and is one of only four to receive the highest rank of Premiers Grand Cru status in the Classification of Saint-Émilion wine. The superior vintages are blended to the following general specification:

  • 2% Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 52% Merlot
  • 46% Cabernet Franc

We created Cherish as an homage to Cheval Blanc.

Discussions with Bill about Bordeaux

Cherish ~ to hold something in high regard, to treat as precious.

Mélange ~ Mélange is a French term for a mixture, (from mêler, "to mix"), used especially when the result is attractive or exciting. Applied to American Bordeaux style wines as we do it becomes synonymous with Meritage.

Why "Cherish" ~ One of the first vineyard areas in France, in 1587 its owner specified that "the farmers will live there when the sun goes down to keep an eye on the vines." A century later on the eve of the French Revolution, there were still two winegrowers living full-time at Cheval Blanc refusing to leave their cherished vineyards.

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