Barilotto has a firm texture with an ivory colored, fine, smooth interior paste that breaks in a similar way to chocolate when cut. Mild and delicate with intense fresh cream aromas and flavor, its subtle sweetness suggests a light honey or jelly as an accompaniment.

It is extremely balanced in the mouth, savoury and complex at the same time, with pleasant aromas of yogurt and dried grass. All about its subtleties it's similar to Ricotta Salata, an aged sheep's milk ricotta that is lightly salted. Unlike the Ricotta Salata, it's not nearly as salty. Instead, Barilotto leaves your mouth with a deep sweet flavor.

Barilotto, which means “barrel” in Italian, is made by heating leftover whey from the production of buffalo mozzarella. Not coming from the milk coagulation, like most cheeses, but from whey heating and surfacing Barilotto is therefore a low fat cheese.

When the whey is re-cooked at a higher temperature, any remaining curds or solids rise to the surface. There, they are skimmed off and placed into small barrel-shaped molds where they are left to drain for 8 days. After unmolding, the cheeses are then sprinkled with salt and left to age in a cellar for 40 days where they are rotated frequently to allow even drying.

After being branded with the Madaio company’s castle logo, the cheese is vacuum-packed to maintain moisture levels within the cheese.

Cheese Club May 2012

Sorry, this cheese is only available via special order

keep 4°C - 10°C serve 15°C - 18°C

Milk Combination
Texture Firm
Country Italy
Pronunciation Bar-e-loto

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