Cherish Melange 2016


Cherish, a Right Bank style red wine blend (Mélange) created from our California vineyards and inspired by Château Cheval Blanc.

The balance is critical between the Merlot, bringing suppleness, roundness and exceptional length and the Cabernet Franc which cherishes the nose with ripe red fruit delivering a wonderful first impression.

Decant for one hour or more. Tasting temperature: 65°F

The beautiful light ruby-red color is deep and intense. The first impression on the nose is of ripe red fruit (cherry, and blackcurrant), giving way to fresh, aromatic hints of rose petals and violet. A chocolate nuance appears with aeration. The wine is straightforward and fresh on the palate approach. The mid-palate offers good intensity, with no aggressiveness, revealing blackcurrant and raspberry flavors accompanied by notes of freshly cut flowers such as rose and violet. The finish is pleasantly full with nicely firm tannin.
The grapes from each plot are fermented in separate five-ton, temperature-controlled, stainless steel fermentation tanks in order to preserve the identity of the terroir.

Upon completion of alcoholic fermentation, the wines are tasted before being drawn off to the fine wine tanks. The free run juice and the pomace are separated and the pomace is pressed independently in order to extract the “press wine” separately.

A second fermentation phase, called malolactic fermentation, takes place in tank before the wine is transferred into barrels.

The ageing phase commences in the cellar and takes 20 months during which the cellar master racks the wines regularly in order to clarify them naturally. No fining agents are used so the wines remain vegan.

While ageing, several tastings from each barrel are carried out. Blending takes place after the individual wines have aged in barrel for a little over twelve months and have started to show their development.

The blends are then returned to barrel for around eight months allowing them to integrate into a wine with its own unique characteristics.

All of the barrels come from French cooperages with whom we have had an association for over twenty years. Selected from two French forests, the wood is air dried and coopered over a five-year production period and finished with a special “toasting” suited to the delicate characteristics of our wines.

Only 146 cases produced. Our vineyards are farmed to the code of sustainable agriculture using traditional techniques, based on strict control of yields, manual harvests and numerous quality specific tasks that are carried out by hand throughout the year.

Little or no chemical fertilizers are used. Selection and planting of cover crops and their return to the soil provides additional organic nutrients allowing our vines to reach an advanced age and produce outstanding grapes.

The Appellation is North Coast because we wanted to use the best grapes regardless of where they were grown.

In France, Cabernet Sauvignon does best on the Left Bank while Merlot and Cabernet Franc is better from the sandy clay soils of the Right Bank.

In California, Cabernet Sauvignon grows best in the heat of Napa’s mountains while Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Malbec thrive in the slightly cooler, sandy clay soils of Sonoma.

When we mix these applications they become “North Coast.”

Color Red
Vintage 2016
Style Red Bordeaux
Appellation North Coast
Varietal Bordeaux Blend
Date Bottled 26th Jul 2018
Drinkable 2020 - 2030
Alcohol 14.80%
Bottle Size 750ml