Club Membership Benefits

When you open one of our wines at home you can be certain of two things. First, you and your friends will love it. Second, it is uniquely yours, they cannot buy it anywhere.

You can always order our wine from this web site but there are a few reasons why joining our Wine Club might be the right move for you.

Why Join Our Wine Club?

Wine Availability - Your Personal Allocation

We don't distribute our wines so they are not available in stores or restaurants. Almost all our wines go directly to our Wine Club Members - who enjoy our wines on a regular basis.

You can elect to receive our wines in quarterly, semi-annual or annual deliveries and because our wines are only produced in limited quantities Wine Club Members get priority.  

Our new wines are first shipped to wine club members before public release so through your wine club shipments you get to taste our new releases before anyone else. If you find a wine you simply can't live without, you can order more before it's all gone.

Our Recipe Collection

Every month our winery chefs are creating new, easy to make recipes, each paired with the next set of wines allocated to club members.

Want to enjoy one of our wines tonight and wonder what to cook? Search for recipes by wine name or food type. Need something for that special side dish? - search by course. One of your guests is vegetarian? - search by special needs.

Everything you need to make the perfect intimate dinner or to pull together a multi-course a dinner party.

Review our Recipe Collection . . .

Only Wines You Like

If you enjoy our wines and they work with the foods you like then the wine club is the way to assure you always have some good wine on hand for special occasions, you know - like Fridays.

As a wine club member you can always choose the wines you receive. You can start by selecting broad choices like one white & two reds. As you develop favorites you can request more narrow selections like one Viognier, one Pinot & one Cabernet.

If you prefer to craft your own wine shipment every time - no problem - we will let you know what's in our default selection and let you swap or add other wines you might prefer.

Your personal taste should always be your primary guide for selecting your wine, not the brand name, not some magazine review and not some supermarket special. When you find a wine you like, you've discovered pleasure and our wine club delivers pleasure - one bottle at a time.

Event Invitations

Club membership is free and it includes access to recipes, food pairings and pickup parties as well as a significant price advantage on all your wines and tasting fees.

Membership also ensures you receive invitations to winery sponsored events such as:

Members also have access to several optional clubs, including: As a Member you have a personal connection with the winery its owners and winemaker. In this mass-production-at-the-lowest-cost world it's nice to be in touch with someone producing a quality product that is good for you, without cutting corners to reduce costs.
Meet New Friends with the Same Interests In the tasting room and at our events you will enjoy meeting other wine club members who have the same interests in wine, food, family and friends as you. We don't maintain email lists or engage in direct marketing. We only communicate with our wine club members so only you will receive information on our events and special offers.
A Place to Stay We have curated some special hotel rates with 25% or more off just for our Williamson Wines Club Members so check them out here. Go ahead, take a Friday off and come have a fun weekend in Healdsburg.