Paired correctly wine and cheese bring out the best in each other

When several Wine Club Members asked us to pair our wines with cheese we took a look at cheese on a global scale.  We found hundreds of small creameries producing unique cheeses in limited quantities, many of which we have paired with our wines.

The Cheese Club

For over ten years we have been tasting hundreds of cheeses to pair with our wines. Every quarter we select six perfect cheeses and ship them to our cheese club members,

Each cheese is paired with a wine in our quarterly wine club shipment. Each cheese is approximately 4 ounces and all six are provided at a fixed price of $49 / per shipment plus $20 shipping, where applicable.

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Shopping for Cheese

A few very special cheeses become our favorites, so good we always need to have them available in the shop to purchase.

The cheese club cheeses are sourced from incredible creameries all over the world. From time to time cow, goat, sheep and even buffalo milk cheeses find their way into our selections. For many cheeses sourced from small alpine creameries we take most of their production which goes straight out to our club members.

A limited selection of our cheeses are available from us on-line. Some are available all year while others are only available around the time of its club shipment so constantly check our shop for your favorite.

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Your cheese selections are individually wrapped, packed in a thermal container with “cool” ice packs and then sealed in an insulated shipping box. All cheese shipments are sent via overnight air to arrive fresh and cool at your home or office.

About Cheese - Milk's Leap Toward Immortality.

In researching cheese we discovered there's a lot to this simple, ancient product. Just as with wine, where the grass grows that feeds the cow, sheep or goat determines flavors with the final cheese as do decisions made by the cheese maker.

See some of the discoveries we made as we researched cheese

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