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Spice plays a large part in how food pairs with wine so we wanted the widest possible range of fresh, gluten-free, organically grown, quality herbs, spices and spice blends from all over the world. We found that in Herbie’s Spices.

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Enjoy our spices and herbs to the fullest by following our food and wine pairings. Our recipes identify all the spices used and pair the appropriate wine. Take our taste test. Order your favorite spice from us and cook your favorite meal using that spice. We think you will find your cooking tastes even better using fresh, high quality spices.

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Feeling a little overwhelmed with our selection of 350 spices and spice blends? Try a Spice Club Membership – there's no big commitment and here’s what you get:

  • Each Quarter we'll send you $30+ value of spices for $20
  • New recipes for the spices of the quarter
  • Wine pairings with the recipes
  • 20% club discount on all extra spices purchased
  • $5 Flat rate shipping.
  • Invitation to our “Cooking with Spice” seminars
  • No obligation – just try it for yourself . . .

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Over the past forty years Ian (Herbie) and wife Liz have consistently searched the world for the very best quality and have developed the largest range of pure culinary herbs, spices and natural spice blends used by thousands of highly recognized chefs and home cooks. Now, as respected figures on the international spice scene, they continue to provide advice via their books on spices, personal appearances and here on our website.

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Our Herbie’s spices come in high-barrier packaging, critical to protecting volatile oils and maintaining flavor. The quantity in each package is kept small to maintain freshness and eliminate the waste associated with unused spices. Our spices contain no fillers - no starches - no MSG - no additives of any kind, just full, rich flavor.