When wine and food are paired correctly the result is a sublime experience so we wanted to provide easy, useful recipes so you could really enjoy our wines at home.

Our Recipe Philosophy

We enjoy cooking and eating good food but we are both busy running a bunch of vineyards, a winery operation and a tasting room which is open 7 days a week.

Sure we eat out a lot, but we wanted to cook and eat at home a few times a week as well.

It seems like we own every cookbook on the planet but so many recipes call for a whole day of shopping and preparation.

We just wanted a great meal to pair with our great wines, so we developed our own "Wednesday Night" recipes.

You can search our recipes filtering by wine or course or food type or even special needs like vegetarian to find the perfect pairing.

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"This is my invariable advice to people: Learn how to cook- try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun!"

Julia Child (1912 - 2004)

American chef, author, and television personality.

Recognized for introducing French cuisine to America with her cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, and her television programs, the most notable, The French Chef, premiered in 1963.

Julia Child's kitchen, pictured above, was the setting for three of her television shows. It is now on display at the National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C.