Free Shipping Club



What's involved?

  • One annual payment of $149.00
  • Order any three or more bottles of wine anytime throughout the year and receive free ground shipping, everywhere in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii.

What does Free Shipping Club do for Wine Club Members?

Bottles in Box shipment 350x374

With Free Shipping, regular Wine Club shipments are free of ground shipping charges.

Loved the wines in your shipment and want more? Just order any three bottles - OK to mix or order more than three - shipping is free.

Using our recipes and need perfectly paired wines for dinner? Free shipping directly to you!

Easily remember family members birthdays, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, etc.

Reward colleagues, clients or thank customers with a very special gift.

Enjoy a Free Shipping subscription without becoming a Wine Club Member.

Couple enjoying wine in kitchen

Any time you feel like a different taste experience.

Just check out ourrecipes to find a selection to try over coming weeks.

Plan your dinner and wine combinations.

Order any of our forty wines, each paired with recipes,

We will ship them to you with free shipping.

You have a fun time with a beautiful, different wine and food combination for dinner.

Free Shipping makes enjoying good wine easy and affordable.

Frustrated Shoppers

Don't carry wine home from the store every week.

Order wines you know you like.

Order as often as you like.

A Free Shipping Club subscription is a great way to save money and enjoy a huge collection of great wines.

You won't have to deal with time wasters like shopping, crowds, finding a wine you think you might like, then lining up to buy it and carrying it home.

No big wine storage problems either - don't start digging a cellar - just order when you need it and it ships directly from our wine-friendly cellar to you.

Higher Level of Service with Predictable Costs.

We are licensed to ship wine to virtually every state.

Over the past twenty years we have developed shipping strategies to tackle everything from confusing regulations to unpredictable weather.

UPS Wine Delivery

We make sure your wine arrives in great condition and we insure every shipment with our "satisfaction or replace" policy.

Delivery of alcohol requires an adult signature. If you can't be home to sign for it we can ship it to a local UPS store where it waits in a wine-friendly, air-conditioned office for you to collect at your leisure.

Because wine is heavy and needs specially designed packaging, shipping can tend to be costly.

Some folks may attempt to hide the shipping costs by offering "free shipping" but you know that nothing of value is "free" so we developed our Free Shipping Club as a better, more equitable solution.

When you buy wine you pay a shipping charge, whether it shows on your bill or not. If shipping is bundled into the price of the wine, you also pay tax on the shipping. Free Shipping Club gives you a predictable, lower, fixed cost without all the sales hype.