Cheese Club - December 2023

Adventure with us through artisanal, handcrafted cheeses from dairy farms all around the world. Bite into flavorful cheese dishes and sip wonderful wines that we have chosen for December 2023.

Toma Provence

A delicate, super creamy cheese with the added flavor of herbs that balance perfectly, Toma Provence is full of savory Mediterranean herbs with rich texture and buttery flavor - Yum!!!

Jenny's Tip: - Enjoy it in a grilled cheese, patty melt, an omelet or simply as a solitary, anytime snacking cheese with a fresh baguette and a Chantilly Chardonnay.

La Tur

La Tur - a sensory experience like ice cream served from a warm scoop, decadent and melting from the outside in that makes the taster lean back in the chair.

Jenny's Tip: - La Tur is best eaten fresh, as on a cheese board, served on a slightly sweet cracker, table water crackers or perhaps a French baguette.

Lamb Chopper

Soft and buttery on the palate, with an incredible sweetness redolent of salted caramel and fresh vanilla beans then a slight hint of citrus to contrast the savory qualities of the sheep's milk.

Jenny's Tip: - Serve melted with sauteed mushrooms and polenta or shave over melon, mint and prosciutto or melt over rustic bread for a great grilled cheese!

Naked Goat

This fabulous 6-month-aged goat cheese from Spain is produced with Murciana goat’s milk. It's a semi-hard cheese with complex flavors and a smooth and sweet finish.

Jenny's Tip: - Naked Goat is mild with a sweet finish, making it an ideal introductory goat cheese. It is also perfect for melting and shreds well also.


Idiazábal is a robust and sharp sheep’s cheese from the heart of the Basque Region in Spain. A full flavored taste, slightly nutty, piquant and buttery while with age it becomes reminiscent of burnt caramel and bacon.

Jenny's Tip: - Idiazábal goes beautifully with fresh fruits, ham, sausage and crusty bread and pairs well with a hearty red wine.

Mahón Tierno

Tierno has been aged the least, maturing for just 21 to 60 days, and is pale in color with a soft, elastic texture. The mild flavor has a pleasantly sharp taste with an appetizing buttery, nutty and slightly salty flavor.

Jenny's Tip: - Enjoy Mahón sliced thin, drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil and sprinkled with black pepper and tarragon along with salami or sausage, dried fruit and nuts.