La Tur

La Tur

Nestled in its ruffled paper doily, a petite round of La Tur looks like a fragile pastry in its own little paper cup. One luscious taste and you know you have a cheese that can truly stand in for dessert.

La Tur provides a kind of sensory experience like ice cream served from a warm scoop, decadent and melting from the outside in that makes tasters lean back in their chairs.

Made in Italy's Piemonte region, at a dairy near Alba, from a blend of pasteurized sheep's, cow's and goat's milk with a formula that lets no component dominate.

Crafted with expert amounts of each animal’s milk and matured in small molds for 10 days, the flavors in La Tur highlight one another’s flavors without competing for attention. All the best characteristics of a soft goat, sheep, and cow’s milk cheese are combined. Grassy, lemony and tangy like a goat cheese, mildly nutty like a sheep’s cheese, and rich and buttery like a cow’s cheese.

La Tur has a rippled surface, reminiscent of a French natural-rind goat cheese crottin. Underneath is a layer of pure cheese silk. When the cheese is young, the silky layer is thin, and the center is soft and slighty grainy like a chèvre. Then, during the height of ripeness, the silk completely takes over the interior so that the center becomes creamy, shiny, and soft. This is where our Amourette Chardonnay comes in.

Runny and oozing around the perimeter with a moist, cake-like, palate-coating paste, its flavor is earthy and full, with a lingering lactic tang, an ideal pairing for our Williamson Amourette Chardonnay.

Let the cheese come to room temperature, when it will charmingly stick to the cheese paper with which it’s packed. La Tur is best enjoyed with time to linger, savoring its full flavor together with our Amourette Chardonnay or Caress Cuvée Blanc or Clarissa Vin Rouge.

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