Mahon, from the island of Menorca, is one of a few cow's milk cheeses from Spain. Mahón boasts a certain sharpness, and its lemony, salty flavors reflect the rural Mediterranean seascape.  

Its rind contains a hard, crumbly cheddar-like texture and darkens as the wheels age. At peak, Mahón is tangy, intense and delicious, slightly sharp, milky, and salty. A very versatile cheese, it is often grated and used for topping pasta, rice and vegetable dishes. Traditionally, it was eaten sliced thin and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.

Mahón is the capital and port of Menorca, the most northerly of the Balearic Islands, in the Mediterranean Sea. It is also the name given to all cow's milk cheeses produced on the island, as all cheese were exported from Mahón via the Mediterranean Sea.

The entire island (barely 800 km2) is rocky with a mild climate and heavy rainfall. Sea winds and high atmospheric humidity irrigate the pastures, giving the milk a high acidity and a touch of saltiness.

The island's second most important economic activity, after tourism, is dairy cattle farming for the production of cheese using traditional methods. More than 600 farms make their own cheese or sell milk to a big farm cooperative and small farmhouse cheese-makers. 

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