Folly Mélange

Folly, a delightful, well-bred Bordeaux style red wine, is translucent in color yet with a medium to heavy mouthfeel, revealing it as a red table wine of some breeding.

Rich and velvety with aromas of blueberry, gingerbread and baking spices with a hint of thyme. In the mouth a slightly earthy and meaty essence resolves into hints of tarragon, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.

The balance of this wine is awesome and the tannin, while noticeable, is well integrated within the wine’s overall mouth appeal.

The first release of Folly was an immediate success so now every year or so a new Folly emerges to greet a happy group of Folly wine lovers .

Serving temperature: 65°F

Approaching the 2014 bottling we were left with three small lots of great wine left after blending with not enough of each to bottle as a standalone wine. It was foolish to attempt to create a beautiful, structured wine from the components we had at hand, even though they were all great wines on their own.

Then we had the bright idea of adding a new wine from Estate Vineyard Two and voilà our folly blend (Mélange ) became a reality!

Challenge - make a bold red Bordeaux style wine using great Napa and Sonoma fruit, then tame it down so it is early approachable and extremely food friendly.

What's so special about another Bordeaux blend? This Folly was specifically designed to be the ultimate food-friendly bold red wine. Most red wines today are paired with a food variety, Cabernet Sauvignon with red meat, Pinot with duck, etc.

Starting with a great set of wines we made a complex blend of Bordeaux and Rhone styles accentuating big mouth feel without the tannic bite often associated with these wines. Naturally being a mix of Sonoma and Napa's finest we had to call the appellation "North Coast".

Folly will go well with almost all foods, from red meat to duck, from pizza to chocolate dessert or just be a great big mouthful of pleasure all on its own.

Folly ~ a delightful foolishness in creating something symbolizing classical virtues in an unexpected way.

Mélange ~ Mélange is a French term for a mixture, (from mêler, "to mix"), used especially when the result is attractive or exciting. Applied to American Bordeaux style wines as we do it becomes synonymous with Meritage.

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