Fig & Grapefruit Chevre

United States

Laura Chenel's creamy, mild-flavored chevre is paired with the flavors of fig and zesty grapefruit in this slightly sweet and tangy small format cheese.

Laura Chenel's Fig & Grapefruit Log is a perfect balance of zesty and sweet flavors that complement any occasion from breakfast all the way to elegant dinner recipes. The Fig & Grapefruit is sweet with a bright tang from the grapefruit and goat cheese. The sweet-and-savory combination of the figs and earthy goat cheese will surely satisfy any palate.

This soft and spreadable chevre is the perfect picnic cheese - not to mention, its slight sweetness makes it popular with the younger kids at the table.

Delicious, healthy and accessible in price, they offer convenience, a variety of usage options and a wide array of fresh flavors to please any palate

A medallion is a perfect addition to any cheeseboard, toasted baguette or on crackers.

Crumble Original medallions in a spinach salad, add Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil to scrambled eggs, top French toast with Fig & Grapefruit, or spread Garlic & Chive on a bagel.

Keep refrigerated.

Fresh goat cheese made from milk sourced only from family farms around the West. The high milk quality yields a bright, clean, taste that balances just the right amount of fig and grapefruit. Each piece is carefully crafted in our LEED Gold certified (sustainable) creamery.

Milk Goat
Texture Semi-Soft
Country United States

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