Spice Club - February 2024

Over a decade has passed since members asked us to create a spice club to add a little extra flavor to recipes paired with our wines and so here are the spices our chefs have been using for our latest Spice Club Recipes.

American Spicy BBQ Rub

Herbie and Bill got together to create an American-style BBQ rub that would still be wine-friendly and came up with an awesome, all-round flavor with hints of smoke, a dash of sweet and a touch of heat.

For a robust taste sensation sprinkle on chicken, fish, and red meats. This delicious combination of spices can also be used as a general-purpose barbecue rub on tofu and halloumi.

Chinese Stir-Fry Spices

A traditional blend of spices making stir-fry type dishes easy to prepare with wonderful aromatics and sensational flavor.

Stir-fry is perfect to use up vegetables to make a quick and easy meal. Sprinkle half a teaspoon over vegetables, chicken or seafood while stir-frying or to season roast or grilled meats, rub on 20 minutes before cooking

Sydney Spice Mix

A unique blend of spices developed for a bit of fun to celebrate the vitality and diversity of our home city of Sydney, with a combination of spices including makrut (kaffir) lime, lemon myrtle, turmeric, cumin, ginger, caraway and chili.

It tastes absolutely divine, the perfect blend of Asian, European and Australian native spices, pairing wonderfully with vegetables, seafood and lamb dishes.

Salt & Pepper Spice

A delicious blend of Szechuan Peppercorns, spices and salt. Great for making traditional salt and pepper squid but can be used for seafood, chicken or BBQ and as a finishing salt to add a little heat and boost the flavor of soups, pasta, or vegetables.

For a fantastic food kick serve a small dish of Herbie's Salt & Pepper Squid Spice with chicken drumsticks or wings or BBQ ribs. Just dip the rib in the spice and eat - wow!