Cheese Club - February 2024

We listen - based on feedback from club members six different cheeses were just too many so we are now selecting four artisanal, handcrafted cheeses but increasing the size of each so you will still receive the same quantity of cheese across the four flavorful cheese selections that we have chosen for February 2024.

Noord Hollander

An extra-aged, four year-old Gouda with a rich butterscotch color and similar notes of flavor.

This four year aged gourmet cheese has deep flavor with caramel overtones and tiny slat crystals. It makes a great table cheese and is a fantastic dessert with wine.

Jenny's Tip: - Try it with salami slices or grated on a grilled cheese sandwich, or crumpled onto a salad.

Wyngaard Tomato Chives

Wyngaard Tomato Chives is a cheese matured for 4 months, refined with pieces of ripe French tomatoes and sliced ​​Dutch chives.

These release their aroma to the cheese over time, with a surprising result. You can taste the soft creaminess of the cheese with the fresh-sweetness of the tomato and herbs!

Jenny's Tip: - Use to boost flavor in pasta, pizza, fondue, bruschetta, etc.

Tete-De-Moine Rosettes

Tête de Moine Cheese Rosettes offer a quick way to enjoy a touch of tradition without the need for a girolle – a cheese curler specifically used to shave Tête de Moine into beautiful spirals of cheese. A perfect way of serving cheese in its most flavorful form.

Jenny's Tip: - A striking addition to salads, soups, charcuterie boards, and more!

Grand Suisse Gruyere

Gruyere is a raw cow's milk cheese with deeply complex rich and creamy texture and delicious flavors of butter, nuts, grass, and a sweet flavor that is not overpowering.

Jenny's Tip: - Gruyere melts perfectly and is perfect for making gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, mac and cheese, and quiches.