Noord Hollander


An extra-aged, four year-old Gouda with a rich butterscotch color and similar notes of flavor.

This four year aged gourmet cheese has deep flavor with caramel overtones and tiny slat crystals. It makes a great table cheese and is a fantastic dessert with wine.

Flavor Profile

Noord Hollander brings an intensity of flavor through the slow drying over the years which leaves a tangy, crunchy, salt-nut bite to this deliciously intense cheese.

This Dutch 4-year aged Gouda, is wonderful with a firm but still creamy golden amber paste, lightly eyed and speckled with “flavor crystals” (actually formed by the amino acid Tyrosine, which over time breaks down the fats and proteins, crystallizing into deposits throughout the paste).

Overall the flavor is sweet, butterscotch, caramel with toasted hazelnut and popcorn notes and hints of spice.

Wine Pairings

Usage Suggestions

It makes a great table cheese and is fantastic for dessert with wine.


It is the quality of milk from a special breed of sheep grazing in the rich, green pastures of North Holland that gives this award winning cheese it's incredible flavor.

Noordhollander (North Holland) is one of the most fertile Dutch sheep, originally bred in 1974 by crossing hardy sheep from the island of Texel with Finnish sheep to produce strong, well developed animals which give a large yield of high quality milk.

This incredibly delicious cheese is made from the highest quality milk from the rich, green pastures of North Holland. The land here, raised up from low-lying seas, is especially rich in minerals from ocean clay sediments. The milk from this area is noticeably sweeter and richer than any other Dutch milk.

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Milk Sheep
Texture Firm
Country Netherlands
Fat 12%
Pronunciation Noord-holl-ander