Korean Red Pepper Flakes

Korean Red Pepper Flakes

A fruity, capsicum-like mild red chili (pepper) flakes used in Korean Cuisine.

The warm fruity flavor and mild chili heat of these red pepper flakes makes this unique spice a versatile addition to most savory dishes. Sprinkle on pizzas and pasta, add to scrambled eggs and omelettes and even sprinkle over salads. May be used as a substitute for Alleppo pepper in recipes.


Balsamic Garlic Pork Tenderloin
Za'atar Breakfast
Kimchi - Korean Fermented Vegetable

Traditionally used for making kimchi.

Other Common Name: Korean Chili Flakes, Gochugaru, Kimchi Chili.

Produce of Korea packed in Australia

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Botanical NameCapsicum annum