Furikake Seasoning

Furikake Seasoning

Based on a traditional Japanese seasoning that is sprinkled onto cooked food.

Although many spice blends are added to food before or during cooking, Furikake (pronounced Foo-ree-kar-key) is usually sprinkled on fish, seafood and both white and red meats after cooking, or used as a tasty seasoning at the table instead of salt and pepper.

The meaning of Furikake is simply “To Sprinkle”. Other Common Names: Japanese Seasoning and Umami Sprinkle.


Delicious on take-away Sushi!

For those who like a bit of spice, add a little Shichimi Togarashi the flavor of which is compatible with Furikake.


Contains: toasted sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, sea salt, nori flakes (nagai, sea lettuce, Ulva spp.), cane sugar, minced red chilli, orange peel, sansho powder.

Fresh, natural, pure herbs and spices blended and packed in Australia from imported and local ingredients then flown directly to our California Epicurean Kitchen. This version of Furikake Seasoning created by Herbie’s Spices contains NO MSG.

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