Shichimi Togarashi


A Japanese seasoning blend,

Shichimi togarashi is a magical, zippy Japanese condiment. It adds flavor and crunch to grilled fish, meat, or rice dishes, or to a bowl of ramen.

Shichimi togarashi is a spice blend that brings out the clean, simple flavors of plain food. An obvious application is in pasta, salmon, French fries, salads or noodles and it's a killer addition to any simple vegetable dish.

Try it on a fried egg too—you can thank us later.

Based on a traditional Japanese seasoning with a hot chili bite, this is one of the most popular seasonings in Japan showing a toasty sweet spice experience.

Though it's not super-spicy, the seaweed lends umami notes, sesame seeds bring texture to the table, orange zest adds floral, sweet notes, and the pepper contributes a bit of zing.

Herbies also contains Australian Lemon Myrtle for that depth of citrus flavor.

Shichimi togarashi offers a different kind of heat from that of the saucy Asian chili pepper condiments like Sriracha or sambal oelek. It’s not as in-your-face right from the beginning. It's a slow flavor build—and burn!

Shichimi is usually provided at the table so diners can add it to taste. It’s most commonly offered as a condiment for Japanese noodle dishes including soba and udon noodles, shabu shabu hot pots, yakitori, tempura, and other fried and grilled foods..

Lots of people sprinkle it on gyudon (flavored beef on rice), yakitori, traditional stews and miso soup.

You can also use it on pickles, grilled chicken and meat, and even on pasta.

Sprinkle on fish, seafood and both white and red meats before cooking, or use as a tasty seasoning at the table instead of salt and pepper.

We also like using it to flavor steamed vegetables, oven fries, a simple bowl of steamed rice, even sprinkling it on avocado toast and popcorn. Mix avocado, a touch of lime and a sprinkle of togarashi to make the ultimate avocado toast in the morning. The lime adds that pop of acid, working in tandem with the orange peel in the spice mix to add brightness.

Shichimi Togarashi makes the best spicy mayo—one that's not just hot and creamy, but also bright from the citrus and deeply savory and a little nutty from the seaweed and sesame, playing out perfectly on salmon.

Togarashi, the Japanese word for “chili,” is a group of condiments always including chili that bring out the clean, simple flavors of Japanese food. Shichimi togarashi is also called seven spice (shichi is “seven” in Japanese), because seven ingredients are generally used.

In Japan, shichimi togarashi typically serves as a table condiment, particularly used to flavor soups and noodles, such as udon and soba. You can also sprinkle it over rice, vegetables, meats, poultry and fish or any food that needs a bit of perking up.

Common Names Chili Sprinkle
Flavor tangy and salty
Contains Sea Salt, Chili, White Poppy Seeds, Unhulled Golden Sesame Seeds, Black Sesame Seeds, Orange Peel, Brown Mustard Seeds, Szechuan Pepper, Lemon Myrtle
Application Sprinkle on fish, seafood and both white and red meats before cooking, or use as a tasty seasoning at the table instead of salt and pepper.

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