Blu del Monviso

Blu del Monviso

If you love the distinctive taste of blue cheese, but would like to try something more creamy than crumbly, then try Blu del Monviso, an Italian blue cheese with a delicate and melting texture and a mild flavor.

This luscious, mild blue is made by Anna and Mario Sarale, third generation cheesemakers of La Bottera in Morozzo. It is based on an old recipe from a cheese made in Piedmont's Po Valley, and takes its name from Monte Viso whose snow-capped peak provides a stunning backdrop for the family farm. Also know as Blu Bottera.

The flavor of this cow’s milk blue is balanced by the delicate and creamy texture. The 60 day aging period allows for a hearty development of blue mold. Milder and creamier than many blue cheeses, it makes an excellent introduction to blues as well as a decadent dessert course.

It’s extremely soft and spreadable and, as a result, is excellent on a water cracker. Its dense, creamy texture gives this cow’s milk blue a great mouth feel and incredible staying power, which is good because the taste is wonderful — sweet, milky, a bit nutty and somewhat mild, but with plenty of traditional, pungent blue-cheese mold. Blu del Monviso is especially rich (60-day aging brings out the mold), but without a sharp bite, rendering the contrast between taste and texture an exceptional treat. It also has a chewy rind and, indeed, some of the most tasty cheese is right at the rind.

This cheese would be fantastic on a burger, or anywhere else you might use, say, brie. It’s also great spread on a thick piece of whole wheat walnut bread and accompanied with grapes. The tastiness of this cheese makes it a perfect partner for our Elate Grange Cuvée as the gentle power of this wine offers the perfect complement for the Monviso’s distinct taste.