Joy Sauvignon Blanc

Northern California has a series of valleys that have perfect terroir for our warm climate style of Sauvignon Blanc showing round, rich character with tropical fruit aromas and flavors.

Williamson Joy Sauvignon Blanc ®

Crisp and elegant this light gold Sauvignon Blanc has the illusion of sweet grapefruit on the nose but is dry with soft melon on the palate.

Joy - The Name ®

Joy is the expression great delight or happiness and it truly is a joyous wine to be enjoyed in the summer sun. Joy was also chosen by Bill as the name of this tall blond wine to honor Dawn's tall, blond mother, Joy.

Joy - The Wine

The soils of our Sauvignon Blanc vineyard are sandy loam valley bottom and gravelly alluvial river wash warmed by full, all day sun with prevailing dry northerly winds in the morning and temperate fog-bearing southerlies in the evening. There is a continual cycle of warm day and cool evening providing an excellent terroir for Sauvignon Blanc.

Sauvignon Blanc vinification is a balance of cold-fermentation in stainless steel, and gentle ageing and rounding at cellar temperature in French oak casks. Once fermentation is complete the wine is transferred to "neutral" French Oak barrels for cellar aging until bottling.

Sauvignon Blanc does not particularly benefit from bottle aging so it is usually consumed young, somewhere between two and four years from vintage. Serve chilled between 50°F to 55°F in Riedel Reisling-Sauvignon Blanc wine glasses.

Along with our Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc was one of the first of our wines to be bottled with a screwcap. We felt that the screwcap supported the utility of these wines which are often consumed glass-by-glass, being returned to the refrigerator for extended time periods between servings.

Pairing Food with Joy Sauvignon Blanc®

Good texture and appealing character make our Joy Sauvignon Blanc a treat to pair with foods having the following characteristics.

  • Texture – Soft to Medium
  • Flavor - Multiple, complex flavors
  • Spice - High spice content
  • Loves - Chèvre or Sushi

Pair with Chinese, Thai and Japanese foods with strong flavors such as, bell pepper, wasabi, tomato, garlic, etc.

Shellfish will generally pair well with slightly chilled Sauvignon Blanc as well as with white fish or cheese, particularly Chèvre. Sauvignon Blanc is a perfect pairing with sushi.

For vegetarian dishes Sauvignon Blanc loves fennel, sesame, cumin and balsamic as prime flavors.   More on Paring...  

About Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is a green-skinned grape variety which derives its name from the French words sauvage ("wild") and blanc ("white") due to its early origins as an indigenous grape in South West France, particularly the Loire Valley and Bordeaux Regions. In the 18th century the vine was paired with Cabernet Franc to parent the Cabernet Sauvignon vine in Bordeaux.

Changing harvest times can produce different characteristics in Sauvignon Blanc depending on its ripeness levels. At its most unripe stage, the grape is high in malic acid with a tart, green-apple flavor. As it progresses further towards ripeness the grape develops red & green pepper flavors and eventually achieves a balance of sugars.

Small nuances of the winemaking process can significantly influence the resulting Sauvignon Blanc wine, for example, prolonged exposure of the skins and juice will sharpen the intensity of the wine or warmer fermentation temperature will cause the mineral flavors to show in the wine while slightly colder temperatures extract out more fruit and tropical flavors. Oak barrel aging can round out the flavors and soften the naturally high acidity of the grape while using stainless steel will produce a sharp flavor intensity.

"I'm drinking a Sauvignon Blanc aged twelve months in oak, that's because they make a Sauvignon Blanc aged twelve months in oak, which is unusual for a Sauvignon Blanc."

From the movie "Sideways"