Wine & Cheese

Cheese is an ancient food whose origins predate recorded history. By the time of the Roman Empire cheese making was already a sophisticated art. Today throughout the world small creameries produce exceptional cheeses in limited quantities, often only sold through local cheese shops.

We delight in uncovering these creameries and now our Cheese Database lists all the cheeses we have paired with our wines to bring out the best in each other. We found hundreds of small creameries producing unique cheeses in limited quantities,so we decided to offer them to our club members.

Our Cheese Club provides a quarterly shipment of six selected cheeses, each paired with the wines in our quarterly Wine Club shipment at a fixed price of $49 / quarter plus $20 shipping, if applicable.
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Cheese Making

We are drawn to cheese as a companion to wine because of its similarities to wine, you need good milk to make good cheese, the cheese reflects the cheese maker's personality, it's best if aged correctly and there are lot of cheeses but only a few really good ones.

Aging Cheese

Each cheese will develop a unique appearance, texture, flavor and aroma qualities as it ages. Generally the cheese maker partially ages the cheese leaving an allowance for the time it will need for transportation throughout the distribution network. We are almost the last step in this process so we are very particular about our cheese orders and scrutinize every cheese delivery so your cheese arrives at optimum age for its variety.

Serving Cheese

Like wine, cheese is a living food as needs to be presented in the correct manner in accordance with the rest of the meal.

Pairing Wine & Cheese

In The Odyssey, one of two major ancient Greek epic poems attributed to Homer around 1184 BC the Greek hero Odysseus (Ulysses in Roman literature) and his men were fed cheese and wine by the goddess Circe.

Now, three millennia later we are still enjoying wine and cheese and why not? Both wine and cheese are natural products, created using a reasonably standard process but with a myriad of results and both tend to age well.

Today's issues are not about wine or cheese but rather how we pair them together so they interact with each other and enhance your enjoyment of both.