Cheese Club - October 2023

Every taste has a story. Adventure with us through artisanal, handcrafted cheeses from dairy farms all around the world. Bite into flavorful cheese dishes and sip wonderful wines.

Over a decade has passed since Members asked us to pair our wines with cheese and to create a cheese club for them to enjoy our cheese selections and pairings so here is what we have chosen for October 2023.


TomaRashi, rich creamy butter notes together with a blend of gentle heat, umami and nutty flavors from the Japanese spice blend Shichimi Togarashi - unique and delicious!

Jenny's Tip: - The perfect cheese for snacking and cooking! Melt gluten free TomaRashi into eggs, wrap it in seaweed for a snack or use it in all types of Mexican food.


Earth-brown truffles contrast beautifully with the creamy white Utah cheddar underneath. The rub on the exterior consists of Regalis Black Truffle Carpaccio, honey and truffle salt.

Jenny's Tip: - This cheese has a savory nose with earthy tones and a delicious mushroom finish.

Locarno Brie

This delicious and rich brie-style cheese has been aged for at least five weeks, allowing the cheese to ripen inwards.

When young, the middle has a tangy firmer texture. As the cheese ages or warms, the firm interior becomes creamier.

Jenny's Tip: - This cheese will make an excellent addition to any cheese plate but it’s also terrific on its own - Yum!

Pecorino Pepato

Pecorino Pepato is a gourmet Italian sheep's milk cheese studded with peppercorns an showing a nice firm texture. Aged nine months for well-aged spiciness it has a nice bite that is very pleasing.

Jenny's Tip: - Once you bite into it, you’ll understand its depth of flavor balanced by the zest of black peppercorns.

Old Amsterdam Aged Gouda

Old Amsterdam Aged Gouda is a best-in-class award-winning, premium gouda cheese that has been aged to perfection showing amazing texture and incredibly delicious flavor that is highly addicting.

Jenny's Tip: - Shave, grate or cube it's ideal for your sandwich, with your favorite drink or as a snack in between meals.


Winner of the 2022 American Cheese Society Awards “Best of Show” Whitney has a velvety-smooth, pliant texture with signature notes of toasted nuts, cured ham, and sweet cream.

Jenny's Tip: - Whitney pairs beautifully on a cheese board with cured meats, dried figs, and pickled shallots - Oh Yes!