Old Amsterdam Aged Gouda



Old Amsterdam Aged Gouda is a best-in-class award-winning, premium gouda cheese that has been aged to perfection showing amazing texture and incredibly delicious flavor that is highly addicting.

Smooth texture, unequalled rich, robust flavor, superior taste and beautiful crystals.

Old Amsterdam Classic is made from a secret family recipe which provides its complex flavor profile, often described with terms such as “butterscotch/caramel” and “bouillon.”

Compared to other Aged Gouda’s, Old Amsterdam is not dry, crumbly, or salty. It has a smooth texture, which makes it soft in the mouth, and easy to cut or slice.

Shave, grate or cube. Ideal for your sandwich, with your favorite drink or as a snack in between meals.

Old Amsterdam is still the same matured cheese with a distinctive character. Its rich, intense taste is and remains the result of that lengthy search for authentic preparation. Old Amsterdam—one big chunk of character—was born from a pure passion for cheese!

Ingredients - Pasteurized milk, salt, bacterial cultures, rennet, annatto extract (color).

Old Amsterdam is a Premium Aged Gouda cheese made from pasteurized cow’s milk. It has a firm texture, deep color, and smooth, rich and robust flavor.

Gouda cheese in general is named after the town of Gouda, located in the South Holland province of The Netherlands. Gouda has been a center of trade for farmers and cheese makers for centuries.

Aged Gouda, a washed-curd cheese, is always made from standardized milk. It has a minimum butterfat content of 48% (Edam cheese, a close relative, has a butterfat content of 40%).

Traditionally, Old Amsterdam Classic is ripened on wooden shelves to form its typical semi-hard structure, with a deep caramel color. The body of the cheese may contain tiny holes, called “eyes.” In addition, crunchy white protein (or ‘ripening’) crystals appear during the ripening process.

After years of experimentation, dedication, and collaboration with well-established dairy producers, the Westland family found the specific cheese culture that gives Old Amsterdam its specific smooth, rich, and robust taste while visiting Italian farmers.

Old Amsterdam’s unique ripening process consists of three stages, each with its own conditions, similar to the traditional warehouse process. Old Amsterdam Classic is released to market when it has reached the perfect taste – never before.

Westland uses taste and quality to determine when Old Amsterdam Classic is perfectly ripened; on average this takes approximately 8 months. The decision to hold or release a particular batch of Old Amsterdam rests with our master cheese makers, and nobody else.

Milk Cow
Texture Semi-Firm
Country Netherlands

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