Truffe Noire

Truffe Noire

This delicious creamy smooth Gouda style cheese has a generous sprinkling of delicate black Italian summer truffles. 

Because the age-old European tradition, of serving several cheeses on a tray to form a separate course at the end of the meal, has made it onto the menus of top U.S. restaurants, this popular cheese appears on many after dinner cheese trays. Truffle lovers find it most delicious!

Made with pasteurized cows milk and Italian truffles.

Perfect with any of our Pinot Noir wines such as Passion, Rapture or Adore.

This cheese is available all year round

RECIPE: Truffe Noire Steak

Steak, Butter, Red Wine, Truffe Noire Cheese

  1. Cook the fresh steak in butter and red wine
  2. Serve the steak onto the plate. While it is still hot.
  3. Sprinkle a small handful of Truffe Noire on the top.
  4. It will melt deliciously - Serve with mash potatoes and heirloom tomato salad.
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