Rose Harissa Spice Blend



If you enjoy adding a little spice to your food and like to explore new variations, then you’ll love this rose harissa spice blend.

Originating in Tunisia in North Africa, you might be familiar with harissa, but this is the rose-infused version that may be rubbed on food before cooking, or made into a fragrant, spicy paste.

Vegan - All Natural - No Sugar - Kosher

Rose Harissa is blended using delicate rose petals and the best sun-dried chili peppers, adding a fragrant hit to your favorite dishes. Mild in heat, big on flavor!

Rose Harissa is fragrant and not quite as hot as the traditional Tunisian Harissa paste, made predominantly from red-hot chilies and used as an accompaniment to a wide variety of foods, in much the same way as the Italians use pesto, the Asians chili sauce and the Indians lime pickles.

Make as much Rose Harissa paste as you need at a time by simply mixing Herbie’s Spices Rose Harissa mix with an equal amount of water, then just enough oil to create the consistency you desire.

Delicious with North African rice and cous cous dishes, on cold meat sandwiches instead of mustard and with hummus on crusty bread.

Lovers of spiced yet fragrant dishes adore Harissa sprinkled onto meats as a dry marinade before cooking.

In many parts of the world, this sauce is not readily available and, quite frankly, is unknown. Harissa is a spice sauce of Tunisian (North African) origin. Rose harissa includes dried rose petals and rosewater to both soften the chili kick and add an unexpected floral counterbalance to the spicy, smoky peppers.

Health Benefits

Chili Peppers have Capsaicin which known to lower blood pressure and can help boost metabolism. Rose Petals contain powerful antioxidants and may aid with digestion.

Botanical Name Melange
Contains Red Chilli Flakes, Garlic, Mild Paprika, Rose Petals, Caraway Seed, Coriander Seed, Smoked Sweet Paprika, Cumin, Sea Salt, Mint.
Application Use as dry rub or as a paste in sauces

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