Peppercorns White (ground)

Piper nigrum


White peppercorns from Sarawak, Malaysia are known for their superior flavor, aroma, size and color.

White peppercorns have quite a different flavor from black peppercorns. They’re not as richly complex and they lack black pepper’s bite, but they offer instead a floral, more delicate, yet pungent, fruity, flowery spiciness.

White peppercorns contain less essential oil than black peppercorns, as this is in the skin, so they have less aroma and a sweetish pungency to them.


Used in Chinese soups, like hot and sour soup, and in stir-fry recipes for a complex floral addition.

In Europe it’s more frequently used in place of black pepper, and some cooks like it for its ability to blend in to light-colored dishes like whipped potatoes and vichyssoise, where black pepper could show up as black spots.

Add 1/2 teaspoon ground pepper to every 4 cups of liquid when seasoning soups and sauces.

White peppercorns are picked from the vine when they are almost ripe - much later than black or green peppercorns. When picked, they are a yellowish-pink color. The peppercorns are treated with water to remove the skin, and then sun-dried.

Sarawak white peppercorns are the best grade; the green berries are left on the vine until they start to ripen, and then they are packed into burlap sacks and placed in a running stream for two weeks until the outer skin loosens and washes off. This results in a smooth, bright white peppercorn with outstanding flavor.

Health Benefits

White pepper has anti-inflammatory effect and also freshens breath. It enhances the immune system and tones the overall body. It purifies the body from harmful toxins and promotes circulation. The regular intake of white pepper protects from various cardiovascular diseases and cancers.

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Botanical Name Piper nigrum
Flavor Hotter than black pepper with less
Contains White pepercorns
Application For the strong pepper heat without the typical black pepper flavor

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