Herbs De Provence

Herbs De Provence

Herbs de Provence is a classic blend of herbs traditionally used in French cuisine.  It is a mixture of dried herbs typical of Provence. Herbes de Provence combines sweet French herbs and flowery lavender (a modern additive) with Italian herbs and fennel, presumably showing the historical influence of the Romans.

The name "Herbes de Provence" is generic so there is no guarantee that Herbes de Provence in fact come from Provence; indeed, the vast majority of these blends come from central and eastern Europe, North Africa, and China.

Herbes de Provence are used to flavour grilled foods such as fish and meat, as well as vegetable stews. The mixture can be added to foods before or during cooking or mixed with cooking oil prior to cooking so as to infuse the flavour into the cooked food. They are rarely added after cooking is complete.

Add to stews, soups, casseroles, sauces, gravies and roast meats in the same manner as mixed herbs. Excellent for roasting chicken or Cornish hens, beef or pork tenderloin, rub on ½-1 tsp. per lb.  Particularly effective with game.

Contains: Thyme, Marjoram, Parsley, Tarragon, Celery Seed, Bay Leaves, Lavender Flowers.