Spice Club - October 2023

Over a decade has passed since members asked us to create a spice club to add a little extra flavor to recipes paired with our wines and so here are the spices our chefs have been using for our latest Spice Club and Recipes.

Bolognese Seasoning

Who doesn’t love pasta with homemade sauce? It’s got a special taste of home that you just can’t get from a jar.

Bolognese Seasoning helps you create an easy-to-make sauce perfect with any type of pasta! Use to season Bolognese sauces, pizza and pasta dishes.

From a typical marinara to this Bolognese sauce, homemade is always best!

Rosemary Leaves, ground

Rosemary is a hardy annual herb that has a strong, pine-like flavor, which compliments rich and full-flavored foods.

Ground Rosemary is sprinkled on grilled meats like lamb, pork and chicken.

Rosemary also goes well with mashed vegetables, beans and in homemade breads.

Salad Herbs

Sure, romaine, iceberg or spinach will make a great base for a salad, but let's be honest—the flavor can be, well, boring. Add an ingredient that packs a punch: fresh Herbiers Salad Herbs!

The combination of premium grade herbs in Herbie's Spices Salad Herbs blend imparts a delicate flavor to salad dressings and uplifts the flavor of mayonnaise.

Shish Kebab Spice

Shish kabobs are the ultimate summer grilling recipe. Juicy and tender cubes of your favorite meat soaked with lemon juice and Herbie's Shish Kebab spice mix, then threaded on skewers with onion, bell peppers, and mushrooms or any fresh summer veggies before being tossed on a hot grill for a quick 15 minutes until perfectly browned, delicious and healthy!