Rosemary Leaves (ground)

(Rosmarinus officinalis)


Rosemary is a hardy annual herb that has a strong, pine-like flavour, which compliments rich and full-flavoured foods. Often traditionally used on lamb, Rosemary also goes well with mashed vegetables, beans and in homemade breads. 

Cut Rosemary leaves are best in slow cooked dishes, which gives them time to soften and infuse their flavour. 

Ground Rosemary is appropriate when a little Rosemary flavour is required on grilled meats (lamb, pork and chicken). Just sprinkle a little on to the meat. 

Freeze-dried Rosemary has a milder flavour than cut Rosemary, however the leaves are whole and soften readily in cooking to make a closer substitute for fresh Rosemary.

Other Common Names: Polar Plant, Compass Plant.  Botanical Name:  (Rosmarinus officinalis) 

Health Benefits: Rosemary is commonly used for digestive issues, heartburn and indigestion. It may have some benefit to the liver and kidneys. Rosemary has been used to reverse hair loss, by increasing circulation at the area applied. Some women use rosemary for increasing menstrual flow.

Botanical Name (Rosmarinus officinalis)
Common Names Polar Plant, Compass Plant
Flavor Very aromatic, faintly lemony and piney
Contains Leaves of the rosemary plant Rosmarinus officinalis
Application In meat, especially lamb or fish dishes and sauces